It was another cold and stormy night, a night when your darkest nightmares might come to life. Tonight, Catherine’s decided to drive up to her parent’s remote cabin in the woods, and ominously she’s brought an item of perilous significance, a razor-sharp reproduction of a medieval sword.

A few nights back I’d watched a movie entitled “The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc.” I found one of the movie’s earliest scenes darkly erotic, soldiers sacking the village where Jeannne grew up. When three of the soldiers attempt to break into their home, where they’re hiding, Jeanne’s older sister Catherine conceals Jeannne in a cupboard, one similar to this old one behind me here in the cabin’s attic.

Moments later, the soldiers burst in and while two of them are interested in food, the third has his eye on Catherine and attacks her even as his companions are eating. They struggle and the soldier picks her by the throat, lifts her clear of the floor, and runs her through with the sword, its blade piercing the cupboard behind her, the sword’s hilt pinning Catherine’s body against the door. The soldier then proceeds to brutally rape Catherine as she slowly dies, hanging impaled on the sword, and by the time he finally finishes, he’s raping her lifeless corpse.

Seriously, who would have thought brutal rape and necrophilia in an R-rated mainstream movie? Anyway, every night since then I’ve been having the same haunting nightmare, that horrific scene playing out again and again, except in my nightmare I’m the one impaled upon that sword and raped as I die.

So, tonight the scene is set, the cupboard, the sword and a woman named Catherine. Perhaps, somewhere outside, on this cold and stormy night, lurks a diabolic fiend, one who’s already watching me with evil hungrily eyes, one who’s more than willing to bring my darkest nightmare to life.

Of course, it’s hardly surprising since my darkest erotic fantasies always seem to involve rape and necrophilia...