As you know, here at Perilous Thoughts we've always taken the greatest satisfaction in the fulfillment of all our client's most intimate and darkly erotic desires. And while some of our client's erotic fantasies can be a bit extreme, it's rare that a request takes us completely by surprise, at least until today. You see today, rather than requesting to live her most darkly erotic fantasies, a beautiful young woman offered to instead live out ours, to become "The One."

A longtime admirer of Perilous Thoughts, this lovely young woman had long been intrigued with the idea of "The One" and finally thought it was time that she submitted her own application for the position. Although initially surprised, we here at Perilous Thoughts thoroughly reviewed Mimi's extensive list of qualifications before deciding to invite her to our ultra-secret dungeon torture chamber for an interview.

I entered the room just as my associates finished strapping Mimi into the torture chair. Outwardly Mimi still appeared deceptively calm but I could already see the unmistakable look of fear in her eyes. Of course, by now Mimi had considerable reason to worry.

Mimi's conservative business suit lay in tatters on the torture chamber's floor, my associates having brutally ripped it from her body before they'd laced her into that breathtakingly tight corset. Having foolishly supplied us with her measurements as part of her initial application only insured that the unyielding corset she now wore compressed Mimi's slender waist and ribcage to the point where her breathing was restricted to the shallowest of breaths imaginable.

Even I, as jaded as I've become over the years, had to admit Mimi looked almost impossibly erotic in that corset. I even made a mental note, that should Mimi survived the interview process to order a full corset training regiment, the corset she's already wearing reduced her waist to just 20 inches and I saw no reason that we couldn't eventually manage to reduce Mimi's waistline by an additional 4 inches or more.

Of course, as Mimi was already more than uncomfortably aware, the corset she's wearing is the least of her problems. The metal seat of the torture chair on which she was so helplessly bound has a wide gap running down its center, a gap through which two brutally oversized steel dildos protruded, dildos now firmly seated in the straining depths of Mimi's vagina and rectum. But, even Mimi knows, that while those oversized dildo deep within her belly are painfully uncomfortable, they pale in comparison to that snug leather strap encircling her throat, the garrote.

Having impaled Mimi's crotch on the torture chairs twin dildos my associates strapped Mimi tightly into place before tightening the garrote's leather strap around her slender vulnerable throat. Use of the garrote as a tool of intimidation and terror is something that we here a Perilous Thoughts have long ago mastered and something that Mimi quickly came to understand. Once the strap was around Mimi's throat my associates carefully tightened it until it just started to compress the smooth skin of Mimi's neck, tight enough to induce the fear of strangulation without restricting Mimi's already labored breathing.

Sitting down across the interview table from Mimi I casually removed a small remote from my jacket pocket and set it on the table between us as I said, "Mimi, we both know why you're here. You truly believe you have what it takes to be "The One." I truly hope for your sake that you do have what it takes or I can assure you that you'll never leave this room alive."

Assured of having Mimi's full and undivided attention I continued, "By now you should understand that to be "The One" transcends most women's most extreme erotic fantasies. To be "The One" requires the ultimate sacrifice of everything that makes you who you are, so that you can finally become all that you're meant to be. Understand that should you survive this day, you will truly be "The One" and all that hard earned distinction it implies."

I could sense Mimi's eyes following my hand as I picked up the remote off the table. I could see it in her desperate eyes, the terrifying realization that I could inflict unimaginable agonizing torment with just a press of my thumb. The sudden and unexpected pleasure brought a delightful smile to Mimi's lovely face as the powerful vibrators embedded within the two steel dildos activated. Already well on her way to her first orgasm of the evening I didn't have the heart to tell Mimi about the painful level of electroshock the dildos were capable of delivering. Or, that after helplessly enduring over four hundred mind-numbing orgasms, she'd gladly beg for the pain.

Later that evening, I had Mimi moved to my private chambers. In her qualifications she'd boasted of her skills in oral presentation and I looked forward to discovering her talents for myself. But then again, her oral skills turned out to be epic and that's truly another story entirely.

"If you offered one hundred women the chance to be tortured, raped and brutally murdered, as many as a dozen might accept if they thought it was just a game. And one, willing to accept even knowing that it wasn't." - Minos