My life changed forever on the day I purchased that accursed book at an estate sale., an ancient book of spells that once belonged to Alse Young, the first woman hanged for witchcraft in the colonies on 26 May 1647. Passed down through a long line of her female descendants, all of whom were witches, each generation adding new spells and incantations to the book.

At the estate sale, I didnít find that book. It found me because Iím also, Alse Youngís sole surviving female descendant.

The book also contained another more terrifying revelation, one concerning witch hunters. They are an ancient and secret Vatican organization still active today, one whose guiding principle remains, Exodus 22:18, ďThou shalt not suffer a witch to live.Ē

As it turns out, Iíd inherited long-dormant powers, dormant that is, until I opened that evil book. In that timeless instant, I awoke to my true nature and came into my own as a witch. It was also, sadly, the moment the witch hunters learned of my existence. Hunted like an animal, Iíve been on the run ever since.

Over the past eleven months, Iíve learned how to block their ability to sense my presence unless theyíre relatively near. Still, the hunters have come terrifyingly close to catching me several times. Every day I learn more from the book, but I fear that Iím learning too little, too late to survive. On nights like tonight, it feels as if itís only a matter of time before I face the Vaticanís inquisitors.