Once, years ago, Sandy was a naive and free spirited college student backpacking through Europe on her summer vacation. All that ended the night white slavers abducted her and sold her to the highest bidder at auction.

At first, Sandy couldn’t have imagined the depths of depravity her forced submission would demand of her. She never imagined feeling this humiliated, this degraded, and this utterly used in ways she’d never imagined possible, and never in her worst nightmares would have believed that she’d come to enjoy. Her new owner had taken her and twisted her soul until all that remained was a willingly submissive pleasure and pain toy, a slave who desperately craved his every touch no matter how torturous or debasing.

Ironically, Sandy never realized the truth. That her owner was a trainer, a man or woman who delights in taking sweet young things and brutally breaking their spirit until they willingly embrace their own submissive servitude before reselling them for a considerable profit.

Sadly for Sandy, tonight after almost three years of slavery, she’s about to discover, that she’s just another woman in a long line of beautiful slave girls her master has broken to his will. Now sitting submissively by his feet, she never realized the wine, she was drinking was laced with a powerful sedative.

In the morning, Sandy’s going to awake to the horrifying truth. That he’s sold her to an infamously brutal S&M brothel in Bangkok, a place where even the most beautiful of slaves rarely survives for more than a few months...