“I’ve always been attracted to the bad boys, the worse they treated me, the more they excited me.” - Barbara Gordon

Deep down, Barbara instinctively knew that this guy was bad news but like the moth drawn to the flame, she couldn’t resist the darkly erotic thrill. As it turns out, he was far worse than anyone she’d ever met before.

That night, Barbara mysteriously disappeared. Only her closest friends knew she was meeting someone after work, but she’d never shared the details. The police investigated her disappearance, but with no clues or leads, their investigation came to a dead end after only a few days. To this day, Barbara’s disappearance remains a mystery.

Sadly, for Barbara, her bad-boy date that night turned out to be with an actual serial killer, one who sadistically murders beautiful women and uses their agonizing deaths to produce highly sought-after snuff films. And, while the police may never discover the truth about Barbara’s disappearance, tens of thousands of snuff film connoisseurs around the world already know, having paid handsomely over the years to enjoy watching her agonizingly painful and gruesomely torturous demise...