I’ve been dating David for almost six months, and while he’d told me that he produced indie art films, I’d yet to see any of them. And while I knew his studio was in the basement of his house. He keeps the door to the basement locked when I visit. Perhaps the worst thing is that I’ve fallen in love with him, but I can’t continue this relationship with all his secrecy. So, tonight I’ve decided to confront him and show him what he has to lose.

Meeting me at the door, David hugged me as he gave me a deep passionate kiss. As he turned to close the door, behind his back I undid the buttons of my knee length coat and slipped it off my shoulders. The look of surprise in David’s eyes was complete, after all under my coat all I had on was a revealing skin-tight gold bodysuit and a pair of high heels.

Provocatively resting my hands on my hips, “So David here’s the deal, and it’s a one-time offer. I want a tour of your basement studio and see just what kind of indie films you produce, and I’m all yours. Otherwise, I’ll put my coat back on and leave you. So, what’s it going to be?”

Pausing to think, a faint dark smile appeared on David’s face, “Fine Gwen, if you want a tour of my studio you’ll get one.” Then, I think you’ll discover what it means to be truly mine.

Unlocking the basement door, David led me down the steps and guided across the darkened basement until we reached the far wall. Turning my back to the wall, he raised my right hand up and I felt a cool metal cuff snap closed around my wrist. Grinning as I felt David securing my remaining wrist in a second metal cuff, “David, all this time you’ve been holding out on me, I’ve spent how many nights tied to your bed and all this time you’ve been hiding a dungeon playroom in your basement? That’s so unfair.”

Walking over and switching the lights on and activate the cameras, David smiled, “Actually Gwen this isn’t a dungeon playroom, this is a serial killer’s abattoir, my personal slaughter house. Oh, and the indie films I produce, they're all snuff films. Still, I have to admit, eventually when I grew tired of you, you would have ended up here, even if you hadn’t insisted on a tour.

Gwen watched helplessly as David picked up a razor-sharp looking knife, “Please David, I only confronted you about your secrecy because I’ve fallen in love with you!”

Shocked by the lack of emotional response on David’s face as he approached, Gwen cried out, “David, didn’t you hear me. I love you! I want to spend the rest of my life at your side!”

Pausing to caress the side of Gwen’s lovely face, David calmly stated, “Don’t worry Gwen, I promise you’ll spend the rest of your life at my side.” Then he slipped the razor-sharp blade of his knife deep into Gwen’s guts and savagely twisted the blade.

Gwen managed to stay awake for the next seven brutal knife thrusts into her belly before she finally lost consciousness. Pausing to use her blood splattered gold fabric-covered bosom to wipe her blood off the blade of his knife David silently waited for Gwen to finish bleeding out before switching off the cameras.

An hour later, as he finished dumping the final pieces of Gwen’s dismembered corpse into the tank of quick lime, David considered that it might be time to find a better location for his abattoir. Gwen was his third lover in the last two years to grow suspicious...