Staring out into the storm, the sound of the rain against the windowís glass hiding the sound of his approach until it was too late. The feel of his leather gloved hand tightening around my throat as he roughly pushed me back against the wall, my hands instinctively moving to grasp his forearm in a futile attempt to free myself from his powerful grasp as he effortlessly lifted me up onto my toes. The cold terrifying look in his eyes, as he pressed that chloroform soaked rag to my face, the promise of almost unimaginable torment and pain.

I awakened slowly as the effects of the chloroform gradually wore off to find myself hanging suspended by my wrists, alone in an isolated cabin somewhere deep in the woods. What little clothing Iíd had gone leaving me utterly naked, my long tanned legs stretched obscenely wide with my ankles tied to a heavy wooden spreader bar. Ominously, an oversized jaw straining ball gag, one capable of stifling even the most desperate of screams, is already tightly secured deep within my mouth.

As my eyes gradually adjust to the cabinís dim candle light, an overwhelming sense of terror begins to threaten my sanity, tables covered with diabolical instruments of pain and mutilation, and one last table of horrors. A table with several propane fired camp stoves, one of which has a large metal caldron filled with what appears to be slowly bubbling molten lead while the others hold an ominous collection of long sharp-looking steel skewers and branding irons all glowing bright red in the heat from the flames.

The chilling realization suddenly hits me. He didnít kidnap me to ransom me back to my wealthy family. He abducted me to fulfil all his darkly sadistic desires. To endure hours, perhaps even days, of unspeakable torture and rape until heís finally sated all his sickly perverted sexual desires, a long and torturously painful affair that can only end in my slow agonizing death...

ďIíve always dreamt of being abducted by a deranged serial killer, knowing that he intends to use me ruthlessly for his cruel perverted sexual amusement before brutally killing me. Perhaps one day itíll actually happen, until then a girl can dream canít she? Seriously, this has always been one of my darkest masochistically erotic fantasies.Ē Ė Sara