The seductive way Peggy’s heartbeat always quickens as the tight-fitting steel manacle's snap closed around her wrists, the metallic rattle of the chains as the winch gradually draws her wrists upward until the toes of her high heels barely brush the torture chamber’s floor. That terrifyingly familiar feel of desperate masochistic anticipation that threatens to overwhelm Peggy’s senses as her sadistic lover picks up that whip.

Peggy, a beautiful and utterly submissive masochistic pleasure and pain toy, her body and soul surrendered to her cruel lover to sate all his darkly sadistic desires with no thought of limits or safe words, and knowing that the moment he tires of her seductive attraction, she’ll die a slow and torturously agonizing death simply for his amusement.

Tonight Peggy’s waiting for him in stockings and high heels, her hands suggestively grasping the steel suspension bar, with his favorite bull whip lying carefully coiled upon the table next to the torture chamber’s sound-proof door. The cold cruel look in her lover’s eyes as he locks the cool steel manacles around her unresisting wrists promises so much, a night of almost unimaginable pleasure and pain, a night of hedonistic excess that will end in only one of two ways. Its likely tonight will end with them both upstairs in his bed, her collar chained securely to the headboard, his manhood gradually growing aroused within the warmth of her erotically skilled mouth, his last conscious act of the night, his hands pressing Peggy’s sensuous mouth downward, sheathing his throbbing erection deep within the depths of her throat as he climaxes.

Or perhaps, tonight will be the night Peggy dies. The night, that she knows, deep down, would inevitably arrive, the night, Peggy endures her darkest masochistic fantasy, to die screaming in agony merely for her lover’s amusement. For Peggy, the thought of suffering a fate worse than death is so intensely seductive...