Facing the camera, I knew I had an obvious look of almost eager anticipation in my eyes, “Good evening, I’m Michelle. Tonight, for your sadistic viewing pleasure, I’m going to experience my darkest erotic nightmare, Medieval Sawing. An unspeakably torturous death so horrific I needed to travel halfway around the world, to this abandoned factory in an old cold war era industrial complex outside of Budapest, the place that inspired those barbaric Hostel movies, to find people cruel enough to fulfill my nightmare.”

“In a few moments, when I lean this two-man hand saw against the side of the gallows behind me, two men, their faces concealed beneath black leather executioner’s hoods will enter this chamber. Once they arrive, they will suspend me by my ankles, upside down on the gallows, with my wrist bound at the base of the gallows posts.”

“When I’m secured they will pick up that hand saw, one of them standing in front of me, the other behind me, bring the sharp teeth of the saw blade directly above my inverted crotch and start cutting me in half.”

“I’ve been told that it can take as much as two brutally tortuous hours before I die. The saw slowly and agonizingly cutting through my pelvis, my abdomen and ribcage before it kills me. The most gruesome aspect of all this, besides all the blood and gore, suspended upside down, I’ll still be conscious when the saw’s blade reaches the base of my throat.”

Then, smiling suggestively, Michelle carefully leaned the two-man hand saw against the side of the gallows, as she whispered, “Let ‘Saw Me’, the latest episode of the nightly snuff show commence...”