“Some local legends speak of a monstrous creature inhabiting the darkest depths of this forest, a cruel and demonically horrifying creature with an insatiable sexual appetite roaming the forest at night preying upon beautiful unwary women.”

“The legends say that when sexually aroused, this creature emits powerful pheromones making him utterly irresistible to any woman who falls under his spell. Gifted with inhuman sexual stamina, an unquenchable sex drive, and endowed with a massive intimidating cock, he brutally ravages his victim’s body forcing her to endure multiple, powerful orgasms until the creature fully sates its darkly sexual lust.”

“The legends also say that it takes hours before the creature reaches orgasm, and as the creature’s orgasm nears, his cock begins to grow in length with each powerful thrust. Within moments, the creature’s steadily growing cock ruptures the woman’s cervix, allowing his monstrous erection to slip deep into her guts until it grows to its full three-foot length deep inside her belly as he finally climaxes.”

“Sadly for its victims, the creature’s seed is poisonous and highly corrosive, and by the time his climax ends, the creature will have pumped several gallons of it into her abdomen. The poison paralyzes the victim as her insides slowly and agonizingly dissolve even as the creature continues using her dying body for his sexual pleasure.”

“So, why would I come out here on this dark, overcast night, dressed in this revealing outfit, to be alone in this isolated cabin deep within the woods, the same place where rumors suggest several women have mysteriously disappeared over the last few years?”

“Because, as a pathologist, having examined the faint evidence left behind from recent suspected encounters, I believe that rather than a single creature, this is the work of a pack of at least three or four creatures.”

“Of course, if the legends are true, I’ll be taken against my will by an evil, monstrous creature, helplessly forced to endure long hours of powerful, unrelenting orgasms. Then, die an unspeakably slow and agonizing death, knowing the creature intends to use my body for his sexual pleasure long after I die.”

“However, if I’m right about what’s happening here in this quaint candle-lit cabin, tonight I will finally experience my favorite, darkly masochistic nightmare, savagely gang-raped by a pack of cruel, monstrous creatures. Every orifice of my body, obscenely violated multiple times as they use me to sate all their twisted sexual desires.”

“So, gang-raped and forced to endure hours of unrelenting multi-orgasmic sex, hoping they’ll keep using my body for sex long after I die. And, based on the total absence of bodies, he distinct possibility that they’ll rip me apart, consuming my flesh before I die. Tonight promises to be the start of every masochistic pain sluts ultimate erotic nightmare, hours or days of unrelenting sex, possibly ending with necrophilia or even vore. Even if nothing happens, how could I pass up the possibility?”