Latex, lots of Latex

Stepping into the abattoir, Sarah could see in Louise’s eyes that she’d fulfilled all her mistress’s darkly fetish desires. Dressed in sheer black high-gloss tights under a painfully snug latex thong, both of which assured that the two massive vibrators filling her vagina and ass remained securely and uncomfortably in place. Her corset, in breathtakingly strict black latex, while laced impossibly tight, gave her that perfect hour-glass silhouette and enhanced the cleavage of her provocatively ample bosom. The snug-fitting black latex collar and matching opera length gloves only enhanced the magnificent eroticism of her ensemble, while the thigh-high black latex ballet boots, with their nine-inch heels, assured her already considerable fetish appeal.

Rope, lots of rope

Her wrists, already bound behind her back, Sarah felt her heartbeat quicken at the sight of all those ropes piled upon the table. Ropes, to bind her elbows together behind her back, others to clinch her arms tightly to her back above and below her ample breasts, and finally ones to bind her legs, first at her ankles and then above and below her knees.

The gag

In Sarah’s mouth, an oversized, jaw straining ball gag, assured to stifle any last minute pleas for mercy, or frankly, anything else she might say that would spoil the moment.

The noose

The deadly hangman’s noose, clinched snugly tight around Sarah’s slender throat, Louise can see the look of unbridled masochistic excitement in Sarah’s lovely eyes as she presses the up switch on the gallows hoist. Gradually, the rope around Sarah’s throat slowly draws upward, the mounting tension lifting the tall heels of Sarah’s ballet boots to rise precariously from the stool’s surface.

The finale

Louise releases the hoist’s switch, leaving Sarah standing perched upon the toes of her ballet boots, the look of masochistic excitement in her lovely submissives eyes quickly turning to unimagined terror as she struggles to keep her balance while drawing her next desperate breath. Smiling darkly, Louise allows her perfectly manicured fingernails to slide seductively up across the side of Sarah’s thigh, up across the swell of her hip, up across the breathtakingly slender curve of her corset compressed waist, only pausing to linger upon the smooth white skin of Sarah’s magnificent corset enhanced bosom, before sliding deep into Sarah’s truly awe inspiring cleavage and retrieving the remote for the two powerful oversized vibrators filling Sarah’s vagina and ass. Louise could see the sudden look of horror in Sarah’s eyes as Louise dialed the power settings for both vibrators to max and pressed the power switch.

Ignoring Sarah’s muted cries of erotic desperation Louise picked up one of the two glasses of wine on the serving table, casually dropping the vibrator’s remote on the tray as she did. Tonight, there wouldn’t be any mercy, no last second reprieve. Sarah had naively assumed the other glass of wine was for her, silly little slave.

Louise watched with amusement as Sarah climaxed for her fourth time, the mix of overwhelming sexual arousal and unmitigated terror in Sarah’s eyes truly enticing. Sarah knew that to have an orgasm without permission within the abattoir carried the possibility of death. Smiling, Louise refilled her wine glass before brutally kicking the stool from beneath Sarah’s toes just moments before Sarah achieved her fifth orgasm.

After, even Louise had to admit, Sarah struggled until the end. Even with the noose crushing her throat, Sarah had that fifth orgasm, and during the remaining eighteen minutes of her life, four more...

Inspired by louiselatexmalick whose work has been truly inspiring.