Earlier today, I watched the sunrise through the sanctuaryís stained-glass windows for the last time.

A year ago, the high priestess selected me from among the covenís worshipers, granting me the honor of becoming this yearís sacrificial offering to the one true god, Satan. Tonight, is All Hallows Eve, the night of the witching hour, the night my willing sacrifice will appease the Prince of Darkness for another year.

Tonight at midnight, I will be lying nude upon this altar, my wrists and ankles held by four of the covenís male disciples, listening to the members of the coven chant as the bell in the sanctuaryís tower rings. Standing over me, the covenís high priestess will wait until the bell rings for its thirteenth and final time, before plunging the sacrificial dagger down into my heart. Then, as I lay dying, she will fill the chalice with my blood so that the members of the coven can drink of my blood as a sign of their undying devotion to the Prince of Darkness.

As for me, after Iím dead, I will take my rightful place in the inner circle of Hell, joining Satanís harem, my nubile young body given willingly to appease all his darkest carnal desires for eternity...