A beautiful woman pleasure bound. Her sexy body, sheathed from the neck down, in skin-tight latex beneath a waist-compressing, cleavage-enhancing red latex bodysuit paired with a matching collar, gloves, and knee-high ballet boots. While already unpleasantly warm and incredibly uncomfortable, she remains a stunning vision of willing submission.

Unable to speak after he’d used that spray to numb my vocal cords, I helplessly watched him switch on the video camera, live-streaming my image to the computer in his den. Pausing to adjust the camera slightly, I felt a delightful twinge of fear when I saw the familiar look of darkly eager anticipation in his eyes as he turned back toward me.

“So Alex, I’ve decided to increase the intensity of your peril tonight.”

Reaching into his pocket, I was surprised when he pulled out two remotes, one more than I expected. Then, smiling evilly, he pressed the button on the remote I hadn’t seen before. I suddenly noticed, to my horror, the heating elements in the four large space heaters around me, which I assumed were merely props, starting to glow.

“I know, even in the cool air of the basement, that latex outfit is already uncomfortably warm. However, it’s about to become far more unpleasant. Right now, it’s about 60 degrees down here, but with these four space heaters all set to maximum, it’ll only be a few minutes before it’s well over 100 degrees where you’re standing. With all that tight-fitting latex trapping the heat, your body temperature will gradually increase until you die. Honestly, it’s doubtful you’ll manage to survive until midnight.”

Smiling evilly, he added, “However, I wouldn’t want you to be bored while you’re busy dying.”

With that, he pressed the second, more familiar, remote’s button, activating the powerful vibrator already uncomfortably straining the depths of my vagina.

“I know how much you enjoy enduring powerful, unrelenting orgasms. Of course, we both know that’s only until the overwhelming pleasure gradually becomes discomfort and eventually pain.”

I climaxed with my first orgasm of the night as he was already walking away, leaving me alone. As I felt my next powerful orgasm rapidly approaching, I finally realized there was a good chance I might die tonight.

Still, I wasn’t sure what I found more disturbing, that he might be sadistic enough to kill me or that I found the thought of dying merely for his amusement seemed so intensely erotic.

Happy days and happier nights never go out of style...