New Yearís resolutions, many make them, but most seldom follow through. Well, not mine, and not on this dark and perilous night.

After months of online discussion, the time has finally come. He sent me this hourglass, instructing me to turn it over at exactly midnight on New Yearís Eve. The hourglass runs out of sand in precisely twenty-four hours, or a midnight tonight. He darkly promised that I wouldnít live to see those final grains of sand slipping away.

Shortly before midnight, he will arrive, armed with a 16th-century Spanish Rapier, over three feet of razor-sharp cold steel and cruelly use it to run me through, brutally sheathing that deadly blade, hilt deep, within my belly. Tonight, Iím going to die upon that blade, as my killer slowly and sadistically twists it within my guts as I agonizingly bleed out for his amusement.

Of course, the best part, at least from my perspective, that after Iím dead, he intends to use me for his sick perverted pleasure, vaginally, anally and orally until I finally grow cold. After all, tonightís New Yearís resolution, like his, has always been one of my darkest necrophilia fantasies...