Despite the undeniable fear, despite the horror, Claire finally came to willingly embrace her darkest masochistically submissive fantasies. The decision made, she did extensive research on how to best proceed and then she made her appointment with the destiny she’d desperately desired for so long. Claire arrived, just as the sun set, at a stately manor house set deep in the woods, and rang the doorbell with trembling fingers. A distinguished older gentleman met her at the door and took Claire’s coat before escorting her into the study.

Pausing briefly to add more wood to the cheerfully burning fireplace, he turned to Claire and asked, “Thank you for coming tonight my dear, and if for any reason, you feel you can’t go through with this, there is no shame in backing out.”

Pausing to take a sip of her wine Claire gathered her thoughts, “I have no desire to back out. This night is all I’ve ever fantasized of. It’s just that I find my desires so terrifyingly, so unspeakably evil.”

Smiling knowingly he responds, “Of course Claire, any woman would naturally find your desires terrifying but the only evils you will find here are the evils you willingly embrace. One might say, is it truly torture to inflict pain on a woman who desires to experience the torture, is it rape even if the woman experiences multiple orgasms, and is it even really murder when a woman truly longs to die screaming in agony?”

Glancing nervously over at the black satin and lace corset and matching black high heels resting on the study’s mahogany desk, Claire paused to take another sip of her wine, “And if I already know that I’m ready?”

Studying the look of lingering fear still clearly visible within Claire’s eyes, her host replied, “Just say that you are and I will take it from there, but know that from that point forward backing out will no longer be an option.”

Setting her barely touched glass of wine on the desk Claire pause briefly to brush her fingertips lightly across the cool satin and lace of the waiting corset, “I’m ready.”

Thirty minutes later, with her wrists bound tightly behind her back and wearing nothing but that breathtakingly strict corset and teetering on those impossibly tall heels, Claire’s host escorted her into the torture chamber. Staring at the all the diabolically painful instruments of torture arrayed before her eyes Claire felt an almost overwhelming sensation of utter masochistic anticipation coursing through bound her body as her host carefully closed and locked the chamber’s heavy soundproof door.

Turning to her host a seductive smile slowly appears on Claire’s face as their eyes met in a timeless moment of mutual understanding, than he tightly grasped her arm and dragged her toward the waiting rack. As she stared in terror at the approaching rack Claire could already feel her heart beating faster, the heat of her already considerable state of sexual arousal growing even more impossibly intense. Claire had long fantasized about being tortured on the rack, her body arched painfully across the wheel, the long hours of unrelenting agonizing pressure threatening to rip her apart as her torturer repeatedly used her for his own dark sexual pleasure...

Claire already knew that in this place she was now his to do with as he wished. That here in this terrifyingly torturous chamber of horrors there will be no limits, no safe words, no mercy. Tonight she’s destined to scream in unrelenting agony, to scream in unimagined orgasmic ecstasy. Tonight her host intends to strip Claire of every last vestige of pain and pleasure imaginable, to lay her soul bare before his cruel demanding eyes. That tonight, there will be no reprieve, no escape, that this night will only end with Claire’s death. A slow and brutally torturous death locked screaming in agony within the diabolical Iron Maiden, a death she’d for so long fantasized of experiencing...