Arrive at her secluded mountain top ski lodge, Scarlett paused to open a bottle of her favorite wine and lit the lodge’s fireplace before heading upstairs to unpack. Stripping off conservative business suit, she was about to change into comfortable sweat pants and a bulky sweater, when she noticed her reflection in the mirror. Setting aside the sweat pants, she turned, admiring her reflection in the mirror. Even at thirty four she still retained her sexy youthful appearance. Of course, unlike in her early twenties, she now spent two hours every morning working out to maintain her trim figure. Stepping closer to the mirror she smiled as she admired her firm pert breasts, their D-cup implants a present to herself to celebrate becoming a full partner at the law firm two years earlier. Suddenly feeling inspired, Scarlett stripped off her bra and panties, and reaching into her open suitcase, slipped on a racy revealing, red satin and lace, thong bodysuit before heading back downstairs.

Hours later, and well into her second bottle of vintage Merlot, Scarlett stood by the windows staring out at the snow-covered mountains as she reflected on her miserable sex life. It felt like she was a magnet for losers, guys who seemed nice at first but quickly turned out to be either demanding control freaks or total spineless wimps.

Glancing back at the authentic Spanish Inquisition wrist restraints, Scarlett sighed in frustration. Since college, as a masochistic pain and pleasure slut, she only seemed to find guys who either expected her to willingly fall to her knees as their devote slave or on the other extreme, ones without the courage to properly weld the whip.

Pausing to refill her wine glass, Scarlett suddenly recalled a recent conversation she’d had with one of her more masochistic college girlfriends, about a place known as the Resort, a private fetish themed island retreat in the Caribbean that they’d both visited during their college days. As she recalled the Resort seemed barely past vanilla, a Club Med resort with a few whips and chains. Still, her girlfriend hinted that there was more to the Resort, something far darker and more insidious known as the Resort’s Vacation Club.

Impulsively, she pulled out her notebook and made a reservation at the Resort and booked airfare for tomorrow morning to the island. Perhaps, it was finally time to discover what the Resort’s Vacation Club had to offer...