I felt bad about Eve. If I’d know that this was her first fetish video shoot, I wouldn’t have hired her. I wish she’d told me before I had her secured against the wall of my killing room. For a moment after she told me, I actually considered letting her go, but she was just so god damn hot in that revealing purple outfit and wig, even her nails, lipstick and eye shadow matched.

However, that unexpected moment of weakness passed, and putting on my signature face-concealing metal mask, I switched on the video cameras and picked up the knife. Eve had a concerned look on her face when she saw the knife in my hand, but I still believe she thought it was merely a movie prop, right up to the moment I stabbed it deep into her guts.

I smiled behind my mask at the delightfully enticing mix of betrayed innocence and pain visible in Eve’s tearful eyes as I slowly twisted the blade back and forth inside her. The sudden look of horrified understanding on her face, as Eve felt the razor-sharp blade of my knife sliding effortlessly downward through her guts, as I disemboweled her in that brutal explosion of blood and gore my loyal fans have long come to expect. Coughing up blood, as her mutilated entrails spilled to the abattoir’s floor, Eve slowly slumped down to hang by her wrists, her blood staining her cute purple outfit red as she died.