Standing alone in her familyís historic Puget Sound mansion Nora watched in awe as the storm driven waves crashed against the rocks far below. Staring out into the torrent of storm driven rain Nora felt her painfully erect nipples throbbing, the thin lace of her negligee providing little protection from the cool night air. Well into her second glass of wine Nora could feel the last lingering traces of her inhibitions fading away as she imagined all the delightfully horrific things that could easily happen to a beautiful young woman on a night like this.

Nora felt a delightful feeling of warmth slowly growing deep in her belly as she imagined a cruel sadistic serial killer, watching in the darkness as she stood here alone at the window of her great grandmotherís boudoir, his hand tightening around the handle of a large razor sharp knife as he silently planned her bloody demise.

Taking another sip of wine Nora imagined that perhaps she wasnít truly alone in this terrifying place. Perhaps, even now a sadistic fiend was already patiently watching her from within a secret passage hidden within this ancient mansionís walls. His cold cruel eyes feasting on the sight of her young nubile body, while in the dungeon below red hot irons ominously waited in the glowing coals of the brazier.

Overcome by a sense of dark pending doom Nora trembled as she stared up at the lightning lit sky, the sudden thought of evil monsters from some dark parallel universe silently watching her, saliva dripping from their fangs as they waited for just the right moment to cross into this universe to sate their ancient unquenchable hunger.

Realizing she was becoming lost in her darkest erotic fantasies Nora paused to take another sip of wine to help calm her tremulous imagination. After all, Nora knew she still needed to get back to work because, even as perilously inspired as she felt, her latest erotic horror novel simply wasnít going to finish itself...