I found him by accident, on a dark net chatroom. He was everything I’d hoped for, my ultimate aphrodisiac, as mysterious as he’s ruthless, a tall, dark and handsome stranger, someone who’s also more than willing to bring my darkest desires to life. We agreed to meet that night, his directions leading to this secluded and long abandoned farm house deep in the bayou's north of the city, he said it would be the perfect place to consummate our profoundly perilous tryst, a place where he’d assured me that we’d never be disturbed.

I arrived at midnight, just moments before a powerful thunderstorm swept through, the sky lit by brilliant flashes of lightening as I hurried from my car, reaching the farm house’s door just as the sky opened up and a downpour of blinding windswept rain began to come down. Inside, the glow from the candles revealed the house’s living room, the peeling plaster gradually exposing the ancient brick of the building’s walls.

Pausing to remove my raincoat as I listened to the rain pounding against the roof, I laid it across the foyer table and feeling more than a little self-conscious walked into the candle-lit room wearing nothing but my leopard-print thong bodysuit and black high heels. Fortunately, my still unseen host thoughtfully left an excellent bottle of Merlot to breath on the table next to the flickering candles. Pouring myself a glass in a futile attempt to calm my nerves, I was already becoming uncomfortably aware of the effect the cool night air was having on my body, my throbbing, painfully aroused, nipples clearly visible through the thin Lycra material of my revealing bodysuit.

It was then that I saw him silently watching me from the darkened hallway, setting aside the wine glass I struggled to smile seductively as he came toward me. In that moment, I knew we would have no need for words. He already knows what I want, what I need.

Roughly he shoves me against the cold brick wall as our lips meet, our tongues passionately intertwining as I feel the heat of his body pressing against mine, the rock-hard muscles of his chest delightfully crushing my tender sensitive breasts. I melt against him as his hands slip down along the bare tanned skin of my arms to capture my wrists. Already helplessly trapped, I submissively surrender, unable and, more importantly, unwilling to resist as he lifts my arms high above my head.

Breaking our kiss, my breath catches in my throat as I feel the warmth of his hungry lips brushing against the side of my throat. He holds my wrists pinned firmly against the wall above my head with one hand as his other moves down to grasp the firm fullness of my left breast. A soft gasp of pure carnal delight escapes my lips as his fingertips briefly linger to squeeze my already throbbing nipple, before continuing downward past my slender waist to caress the curves of my tight shapely ass.

I suddenly realized I want him more than any other man I’d ever known. I wanted him to do things to me, unspeakably erotic things beyond my wildest imagination, to dominate me and to use me to fulfil all his darkest desires no matter how perilous. In that moment, as I felt his grip tighten around my pinioned wrists I knew I’m willingly his for the taking.

My heart desperately pounding within my chest as our eyes met, that terrifyingly look of evil anticipation in his cold dark eyes. Moments later, a high-pitched scream of pure agony escapes my lips as I feel the cold, impossibly sharp, blade of his knife sliding effortlessly deep into my guts.

For a brief moment, time seems to stop as he holds me against the wall, the blood seeping around the blade buried deep within my guts gradually staining the leopard-print Lycra of my bodysuit crimson. Then the cruel look of evil satisfaction in his eyes starts to morph into something far more sinister, even as that impossibly cold blade continued to painfully shift within me with each of the final shallow breaths I manage to take, as that darkly sadistic look of anticipation returns to his eyes.

Tears fill my eyes as he brutally twists that blade, savagely mutilating my insides. The sudden explosion of searing pain so overwhelming, so far beyond anything I’d ever imagined enduring, that I couldn’t even scream. I felt myself growing colder with each passing second, the slow trickle of blood running down my legs quickly becoming a deluge as he finally pulled his knife out of my guts and releasing my hands, allowed me to helplessly sink to my knees before him. I knew I was close to death. Already too weak to draw my final breath, the room gradually grew dark. In those fleeting last seconds, my pain racked mind awash with darkly erotic thoughts, I noticed the incredible erection straining the crotch of my killer’s tight blood-soaked pants and that look of hungry eager anticipation in his eyes.

After I’m dead, he’s promised to use my still warm corpse to sate all his perverted sexual desires. He fully intends to rape, throat fuck and sodomize my lifeless corpse multiple times, even going as far as fucking that knife wound in my belly before I finally grow cold. Then, after he finishes sexually abusing my corpse, he intends to hang me up by my ankles, cutting my throat to drain any remaining blood before he butchers my body to harvest the choice cuts of meat for his freezer. After that, he plans on chopping up the rest of my remains and dumping me into swamp for the Alligators.

Of course, suffering both necrophilia and cannibalism once I’m dead has always been one of my most intensely erotic fantasies...