“There are ancient legends that speak of a monstrous creature inhabiting the darkest depths of this forest, a cruel and horrible creature with an insatiable sexual appetite roaming the forest at night preying upon beautiful unwary women.”

“The legends say that when sexually aroused, this creature emits powerful pheromones making him utterly irresistible to any woman who falls under his spell. Gifted with inhuman sexual stamina, an unquenchable sex drive, and endowed with a massive intimidating cock, he brutally ravages his victim’s body forcing her to endure continuous, back-to-back orgasms until the creature fully sates all its evil lust.”

“It’s also rumored that the last three women who rented this cabin all disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Oddly, the only written note I found in the cabin, lying on the table partially hidden beneath some of the books, ominously read, ‘He likes it better if you leave the door unlocked.’

“Personally, I hope the legends and the note are true. After all, they’re the real reason I didn’t bother to lock my cabin’s door tonight...”