Even knowing every horrifying detail of what he would do to her, Keira still came here of her own free will. She knew that compassion and mercy were concepts that didn’t apply in this darkly foreboding place of blood and death. That tonight, for the sickly twisted amusement of Ghost’s darknet snuff film audience, she’s going to endure an unspeakably gruesome and agonizingly painful death.

Locking my wrists within the steel restraints dangling from the overhead spreader bar, he stuffed that large ballgag deep within my mouth. And, with my wrists secured, Ghost pressed the up button to activate the overhead hoist, slowly stretching my arms upward until the toes of my red high heels lifted off the abattoir’s blood-stained floor. Then, straining to look back over my shoulder, I felt my heart skip a beat as I helplessly watched him picking up that razor-sharp knife and coming toward me.


Later that night, as I dropped the last parts of Keira’s dismembered corpse into the waiting tank of acid, I still fondly recalled the erotic look in her lovely green eyes. The seductive look of fear mixed with desperate longing as I pressed the sharp tip of my knife against Keira’s abdomen just below the base of her sternum and pushed its blade deep into her guts as she cried out in agony.

The delightful way her sexy body convulsed as I brutally pulled the knife downward through Keira’s guts. That razor-sharp blade, mutilating her insides as it effortlessly opened her red lycra sheathed abdomen from her ribcage down to her crotch. That inevitably gruesome explosion of blood and gore as her ruined entrails spilled out across the abattoir’s blood-stained floor to the delight of my loyal live-streaming audience.

That lustfully erotic look of horror that accompanied Keira’s desperate, gag muffled cry of “Nooo!” as I brought the knife up and debreasted her to harvest her impressive D-cup implants for my growing collection even before she finished bleeding to death.

Switching off the lights as the acid did its devilish work of slowly dissolving the remaining flesh from Keira’s bones, I left the abattoir and returned upstairs. In the morning, I’ll remove her acid-bleached bones from the tank and add them to one of the abattoir’s growing piles, Keira, just another beautiful woman who mysteriously disappeared without a trace...