It wasn’t until he arrived at the office that he discovered the note his wife had put in his briefcase.

Dearest Mark, I’ve arranged a special gift for my husband to celebrate your birthday tonight. Tonight at ten o’clock, come to 326 Commercial Way, use access code 78326, I’ll be waiting for you in storage bay 318, where I promise, I’m going to make all your wildest desires come true, love Lisa.

Pulling into the building’s deserted loading dock Mark was surprised to discover that 326 Commercial Way was a rundown river front warehouse. Still the access code in his wife’s note did unlock the entrance door. Making his way up to the third floor Mark found storage bay 318 and once again using the access code entered the room. And as it turns out his wife Lisa was absolutely right, she’d actually made all his wildest desires come true.

Smiling at the look of unexpected shock on her husband’s face, Lisa smiled as she said, “Happy birthday Mark. Perhaps before we commence with tonight’s planned festivities you’d like to relax with a glass of your favorite Cabernet? I took the liberty of opening a bottle to breathe before you arrived.”

Accepting the glass of wine from Lisa, Mark couldn’t help but stare at the fiendishly diabolical instrument of torturous death silently waiting the night’s festivities. Turning back to his wife, he kissed Lisa lightly on the lips and casually stated, “I see someone’s been reading my private journal. That was very naughty of you my dear.”

Smiling at her husband’s thinly veiled threat Lisa replied, “I think you will find this works exactly as you’d described it in your journal. Pulling the lever back to its first stop causes the restraints to lock around the victim’s wrists and ankles.” Pausing to briefly kiss the side of her husband’s throat, “At that moment you have the choice of life or agonizing death, pushing the lever back to its original position unlocks the restraints freeing your victim or squeeze the safety grip and pull the level back into its final deadly stop. The choice is yours to make.”

Gazing into his wife’s beautiful eyes, mark smiled darkly as he asked, “And if I decide to squeeze that safety grip and pull that level back into its final stop, what then?”

“Well, then my husband, a small hydraulic valve opens in the piston supporting that bed of spikes and the spikes will begin to slowly decent toward the helplessly bound victim. It should take about four minutes for the spikes to complete their decent and fully impale the victim’s body.”

Pausing to stare up into her husband’s eyes Lisa continued, “But, understand my love, that once activated there’s no hope of escape. The descending metal plate and spikes weigh over a ton and those restraints cannot be unlocked until after the spikes have completed their deadly descent. If you decide to squeeze that safety grip and pull that level back, someone’s definitely going to end up screaming in agony as they die tonight.”

Still struggling to fully comprehend the evening’s unexpected turn of events, Mark could clearly see the unexpected but familiar look of eager anticipation is his wife’s eyes as he asked, “Lisa, are you sure about this, your putting your life in my hands, the hands of a man whose written an entire journal on the topic of torturing women to death?”

Seeing the lingering look of confusion in her husband’s eyes, “Mark, let’s just say we share similar fantasies, but from a dramatically different perspective.” Smiling at the sudden look of understanding in Mark’s eyes, “After reading your journal I decided to make your thirtieth birthday truly a memorable night, you might even say that I’m only too willing to die to make it so...”