It was another quiet Friday night in a sleepy village outside London, most people home relaxing after the long busy week. That is, all except Sara.

They’d been dating for a few months. From the first, he’d introduced Sara to dark delights of bondage sex. Unsuspecting she’d naively embraced her new-found submissiveness, willingly surrendering herself to all her demanding lover’s dark desires. And, when he demanded that she became his 24/7 slave, she eagerly agreed, never realizing his basement actually contained a hidden, well-equipped dungeon.

Tonight, Sara’s dressed in a breathtakingly tight latex corset, with matching latex gloves, stockings and a collar, standing helplessly shackled against the cool concrete wall of Ben’s dungeon playroom, eagerly anticipating his return from the office. She feels that familiar heat of wonton desire growing within her belly, the throbbing ache of her painfully erect nipples attempting to escape the tight unyielding confines of her corset. Soon he’ll be with her, using her body to sate all his darkly demanding sadistic desires in an overwhelming night of multi-orgasmic pleasure and pain.

In the long torturous months since she’d willingly accepted his intensely erotic request to become his slave, she’s never left the confines of his secret dungeon playroom. Little does she realize that all her friends believe she’s moved overseas to start a new career, that her sadistic lovers erased her very existence, cancelling her apartment lease, selling her car and disposing of her belongings, even sending a letter of resignation to her employer and closing her bank accounts.

Even now, as Sara eagerly awaits her sadistic lover’s arrival, she doesn’t realize this will be their final night together. She doesn’t know that tonight, the wine in her glass will be laced with a powerful sedative. Never, even in her darkest nightmares, did she imagine that he’d actually sell her, and waiting just outside the dungeon door, a form-fitting, padded shipping crate destined to transport her to an infamously brutal S&M brothel in Bangkok.

Sara, what a naive little slave girl, even at the end, she actually believed it was still, only pretend...