One moment, I was in bed reading a really steamy erotic novel and thinking about getting my vibrator and ball gag out of the nightstand draw, the vibrator for obvious reasons, the ball gag because I tend to be a bit of a screamer when I reach orgasm. That, and the feel of the ball gag in my mouth tends to heighten my already submissively masochistic fantasies.

Sadly, I was still reaching to the draw when a sudden unexpected sensation of dizziness swept over me, and I woke up here, in this darkly ominous place. The large chamber lit by burning braziers lining its walls and ominously, a massive circular pit whose flames rose uncomfortably high into the air behind me.

Also gone, were my comfortable tee-shirt and panties, replaced by this incredibly tight-fitting corset. One that gave me an awe-inspiring hour-glass figure and pushing up my cleavage way beyond anything I’d imagined possible, far beyond any pushup bra I’d ever worn. Of course, on the downside, the corset was also so tight I could barely breathe.

Not, that I’ll have to worry about breathing for much longer. It seems a coven of witches has abducted me to be their annual human sacrifice, to their one true god Lucifer. Just before midnight, the coven will enter the chamber, their acolytes will release me from these restraints and move me to the alter, where they’ll secure me spread-eagle on my back.

Then, at exactly midnight, the high priestess of the coven will stab her sacrificial dagger deep into my heart and collect a chalice of my blood for the members of the coven to drink. Once they’ve all drank from the chalice, the acolytes will release me from the alter restraints and toss my body into the flames, so that in the morning, they can sift through the ashes to collect my bones.

It’s ironic, abducted by a blood-thirsty coven of three hundred-year-old witches, my life and blood sacrifice, sustaining their evil existence for another year. It sounds almost too good to be true. Back in my early impressionable teens, I watched a late night 1960’s horror movie, “City of the Dead,” a.k.a. “Horror Hotel.” That movie made such a lasting and profound impression on my teenage years and even today, darkly erotic fantasies. There are so many similarities, between that movie and tonight, I wonder if one of the coven members had a hand in writing the script.

Who knows, but if they’d asked me to be their human sacrifice, I might have said yes. There’s just one thing, I hope after the high priestess plunges that dagger into my heart, and the coven members finish drinking my blood, that they at least have the decency to wait until I’m actually dead before tossing my body into the flames. Well, almost...