“Beyond this gateway lays the Oblivion Portal, an evil place of sinister dark magic, a flaming portal that consigns the body and soul of all who enter its flames, to the fiery depths of Hell for all eternity.”

Pausing Lisa turned her back to the gate, her arms stretched out invitingly across the gate’s corroded iron bars in a wanton displayed of her considerable feminine charms. A set of heavy iron manacles, with one cuff already locked around her left wrist, dangled suggestively, the remaining open cuff, all but beckoning her enslavement.

Smiling seductively she continued, “This aptly named portal also has an intriguing side effect on all cast into its flames. As the flames consume them, all evidence of their mortal existence fades. It’s almost as if they’d never been born. Ironically, only the person consigning the victim to the flames remembers that the she ever existed, but of course, you already knew all that didn’t you Marcus.”

Pulling her arms gently together behind her back, Marcus locked the remaining iron cuff tightly around Lisa’s right wrist as the ancient gate slowly opened.

A sudden horrifying wave of apprehension washed over her as she felt the heat from the flames against her bare white skin, “Please Marcus. Why are you doing this? Don’t you know that I love you?”

Just short of the portal’s flames, Marcus paused, “Of course, I know that you love me Lisa. Love is necessary for the portal’s incredible rejuvenation powers to work their magic. By sacrificing your love by casting you into the flames, Persephone, the queen of the Underworld, will grant me another century of eternal life and youth.”

Smiling darkly at the look of horrified in Lisa’s eyes, “Or, did you actually believe you’re the first lover I’ve consigned to the Portal's flames to insure my immortality?

Staring in disbelief, Lisa cried, “Marcus you can’t actually believe that, do you?”

“I am Marcus Aurelius, born 26 April 121, and the emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD, when Aurelia, priestess of the imperial cult, foolishly revealed the secrets of the portal’s powers to her lover, the emperor. Aurelia was also the first lover I cast into the portal’s flames.”

Eyes wild with fear, a high-pitched scream of almost unimaginable terror escaped Lisa’s lips as I shoved her into the flames, her desperate screams quickly growing faint as she plunged into the portal’s bottomless flaming depths...