The last thing I want is a hero. I want a villain, someone unspeakably evil who takes me and ruthlessly uses me for his pleasure, not some hero whose first instinct is to treat me like a lady.

I want someone whose idea of setting the mood involves tightening these chains on my wrists until my toes cant reach the floor before brutally ripping my clothes off. I want someone whos a sadistically diabolic fiend, whose idea of foreplay involves a heavy whip and the high-pitched sound of my screams.

I want someone who's utterly merciless, who when the time is right will treat me like I deserve. Im not looking for someone interested in making love to me but rather someone to fuck me senseless, someone to use me like the shameless whore that I am. Someone who will spend the night using me in every way imaginable, every orifice of my body ravaged repeatedly until he uses me to sate all his darkly twisted sexual desires.

I want a man, one who when he finally grows tired of all the pleasures my flesh has to offer, will not hesitate to take up that heavy whip, and brutally whip me until I die screaming in agony simply for his sadistic amusement...