“In my nightmare, it always happens on a night like this. I’m standing here by the windows in my study, looking out at the night sky holding a glass of wine, when I sense he’s standing behind me. Without warning he shoves up against the window as my wine glass shatters on the hardwood floor. Roughly pulling my arms behind my back, I feel the painful bite of cold steel around my wrists as he tightens the handcuffs. Then, grabbing a handful of my hair, he pushes me face down across the desk, forcing my legs apart before turning to pick up that authentic Saxon short sword prominently displayed on the table behind my desk. A moment later, he used the sword to cut through the G-string crotch of my already revealing pink teddy, the slender strap parting under the slightest touch of its razor-sharp blade, before he rests the sword on the desk, its blade ominously close to my face.”

“A sudden faint whimper escapes my lips as I unexpectedly feel his index finger slowly, almost tenderly, penetrating my sex as the tip of his thumb toys with my anus. To my embarrassment, I suddenly realize I’m becoming aroused as he continues to thrust his finger steadily deeper into my growing wetness. Moments later, I emit a faint gasp of pleasure as I feel a second finger slipping into the wet tightness of my sex. Soon a third and then a fourth finger slips inside me, his hand stretching my insides as it penetrates all the way to the webbing of his thumb, which is now buried painfully deep within my rectum.”

“The fear, the pain and the pleasure gradually merge to overwhelm my senses, his hand continuing to thrust deep inside me. I’d never expected it would happen like this, but I climaxed with one of the most powerful orgasm of my life.”

“Lost in the euphoria of the moment, I closed my eyes in utter bliss. As I lay there, I could feel his fingers withdrawing from within the wet heated depths of my sex, only to be quickly and unexpectedly replaced by a chilling hard presence taking their place. Less than a heartbeat later, I’m screaming in agony, the sword’s razor-sharp blade slicing upward through the most sensitive part of my body, as my killer smoothly pushed the cold sharp steel blade deep into my guts.”

“Suddenly, I felt the cold hard sensation of the sword’s hilt pressing against my mutilated crotch and realized that my killer had managed to sheath the full twenty-four-inch blade within my dying body. It was in the horrifying moment of realization that he cruelly started twisting that blade back and forth inside me. The sudden warm coopery taste of blood filling my mouth and nose, the sword’s razor-sharp blade painfully ripped my insides apart, as I quickly bled to death.”

“Of course, this is when I always awaken, the nightmare brutally fresh within my mind. The final instant of the nightmare, my lifeless corpse left lying grotesquely on my desk in a pool of my blood. My wrists still handcuffed behind my back, and with my most prized possession, that authentic ninth-century Saxon short sword buried hilt deep within my guts.”

Some believe that nightmares, especially darkly erotic one’s like mine, is your subconscious mind's way of expressing your darkest fears.” Pausing to glance over at that Saxon sword prominently displayed on the table behind her desk, “However, in this case my darkest fears are also my darkest erotic desires...”