Excepts recovered from the journal entries found on Valerie’s notebook computer...

“Since I’d first arrived from the city to teach high school math, I’d heard the rumors concerning a long-abandoned mansion deep within the woods outside of town. Intriguing tales of ghosts, demonic orgies, and a secret dungeon torture chamber. A place referred to in the rumors as, nightmare mansion.”

“As the author of a string of popular erotic horror novels, written under a pen name to protect my true identity, I’ve always had a deep obsession with the occult and with darkly horrifying legends. So, quietly doing some research, I learned of a long-abandoned mansion located in the woods about ten miles outside of town. Built shortly after the end of the civil war and abandoned since the early nineteen hundreds, it had to be the place described in the legends. So, tonight, just after sunset, I decided to visit it and do a bit of exploring.”

“I have to admit, when I first arrived, this place immediately gave me the creeps. I felt an almost delightful sense of ominous foreboding, but attempting to ignore it, I grabbed my flashlight and got out of the car. As I walked up the steps, the house was dark, darker than it should have been for this time of night. Still, I was curious, and yes, I know, curiosity is what killed the cat. Still, I wanted to learn the truth. But, as it turned out, the truth was more than I’d bargained for.”

“Entering the mansion turned out to be easier than I thought. Stepping through the already open doors, I found myself standing within what once had been a magnificent grand foyer when suddenly the open double doors behind me loudly slammed shut. It was at that moment that they roughly grabbed me.”

“Powerful unseen hands lifted me off my feet. I felt other hands roughly groping my breasts and ass while others began ripping off my clothes. I quickly lost my shoes, followed by my jeans, tank top, and lastly, my black lace bra and matching thong panties. All my clothing torn to shreds before my horrified eyes as more unseen hands grabbed my legs and lifted me until I hung horizontally in mid-air above the foyer’s dusty hardwood floor.”

“Hanging helplessly, those unseen hands roughly pulled my legs apart as I felt the familiar sensation of an erect cock pressing insistently against the entrance of my sex. Opening my mouth to scream in terror, the only sound that escaped my lips was a wet gurgling, as another unseen monster grabbed my hair, and roughly pulling my head back, forced his ghostly cock into my mouth, and without warning, thrust it deep into my throat.”

“I felt the two of them thrusting into me. I couldn’t imagine how it could be any worse. My unseen assailants were violating me, no raping me, both vaginally and orally. It turns out I was wrong about it getting worse, painfully wrong, as I felt another set of hands spreading the cheeks of my ass and a third cock impaled me anally. As I felt the agonizing sensation of that massive intruder filling my rectum and sliding impossibly deep into my colon, the sound that escaped my penis-filled throat sounded more like the scream that it was.”

“As all three of them continued to use me for their pleasure, I suddenly noticed something alarming. While I could feel the testicles of the one fucking my throat hitting me right between the eyes with each powerful thrust, there was nothing to see. I was beginning to reconsider my earlier dismissal of the haunted mansion rumors when I felt a weight settling within the cleavage of my naked breasts as another set of unseen hands roughly squeezed my breasts together around a fourth demanding cock.”

“The assault seemed to go on forever, and the most degrading part, I was starting to enjoy it. I mean, I was in the middle of being ruthlessly gang-raped by four invisible assailants, and I found myself growing sexually aroused. These sick bastards were actually making me enjoy it.”

“When they finally climaxed, all four came at the exact same moment. The cum of the one vaginally raping me overfilled my vagina, resulting in a torrent of cum pouring out of me. The one in my ass filled my guts, pumping so much fluid into me that I could feel my abdomen starting to swell to accommodate its volume. The one throat raping me overfilled my stomach, the considerable excess coming back up my throat into my sinuses and pouring out my nose into my eyes and hair. The last one, who’d been roughly tit fucking me, suddenly pulled back, spilling an impressive amount of cum all over my breasts, upper chest, and belly. And, amid all this ghostly ejaculation, I also experienced the most powerful orgasm of my life just before I fainted.”

“At sunrise this morning, I awoke lying on the mansion’s floor in a large puddle, my body covered in a sticky, milky white fluid. Licking a bit of it off my lips, I’d expected it to taste like semen, but it had no taste at all. Seconds later, as the light of the rising sun reached me, the fluid quickly began to evaporate and completely disappeared within mere seconds.”

“Tonight, I’m planning on returning to that long-abandoned mansion, this time dressed like I was going clubbing in the city. Not to explore, but to once again meet those ghostly entities, who I know from last night’s intimate experience, inhabit that place. Maybe tonight, they’ll give me a tour before they ravage me again. Perhaps they’ll even take me to that mansion’s secret dungeon torture chamber.”

As for Valerie, the only woman to ever pay nightmare mansion a second visit, well, she vanished that night, never to be seen again...