On a remote South Pacific island, a beautiful bikini-clad woman stands on the patio of her island villa, enjoying a glass of wine as the storm rages outside. Courtney still couldn’t believe her luck. She’d been planning a Caribbean vacation when she heard about this place, a new luxury resort on a South Pacific island at half the cost. Of course, the flight from Phoenix was twice as long, but she’d used her airline miles to upgrade to first class. Located on what was once an uninhabited island, the resort had only been open for a few years.

Standing on my villa’s candle-lit patio, watching the heavy wind-swept rain coming down, I marveled at my unexpected luck at discovering this place. I’d already met several handsome, wealthy young men in the resort’s nightclub, and I eagerly looked forward to my dinner date with one of the more eligible ones tomorrow night.

What Courtney didn’t know was that the island had never been uninhabited. The ancestral home of a small village of cannibals living in the caves and deep jungles of the island’s interior, the natives had gone unnoticed during the atomic bomb tests of the early 1950s. Located less than twenty miles downwind of the testing site, nuclear fallout from the tests rained down upon the island villagers multiple times, killing most of the inhabitants. Unfortunately, while horribly mutated by the radiation, not all the original villagers perished, and with each successive generation, the mutations grew.

Standing on her villa’s patio, Courtney never realized that several of these creatures, now more hideous monsters than men but still cannibals, were watching her from the darkness of the surrounding jungle. The blowgun-fired dart, coated with a tranquilizing mix of island plant juices, struck the back of her neck a moment later.

As for Courtney, she disappeared without a trace. The local authorities, employed indirectly by the resort’s owners, listed her disappearance as a shark attack while snorkeling along the island’s coral reef. Since the resort opened, she was the tenth woman to disappear in a shark attack...