Jen watched impassively as the set’s film crew gradually got their act together for her big scene. She’d been on-site for this indie horror movie production for the last week, mostly filming kinky lingerie scenes that prominently featured her breathtakingly impressive 34 DD cleavage. Loosely based upon the 1965 Italian gothic horror film “Il boia scarlatto” or “the Bloody Pit of Horror," this new indie production was entitled “the Crimson Executioner’s Wrath.” Filmed at a picturesque thirteenth-century castle high in the Italian Alps, it’s the story of a group of women models and photographer planning a fetish fashion photoshoot within the castle’s fully restored dungeon, a dungeon made famous by the infamous Crimson Executioner, who centuries earlier used the dungeon as his own private torture chamber, where it’s rumored that he murdered well over a hundred women before his own mysterious disappearance.

In this latest blood-soaked story, the Crimson Executioner’s spirit, enraged to witness these women defiling his private torture chamber for a pornographic fetish fashion photoshoot, possesses the body of the castle’s handsome caretaker. Who by night dons the Executioner’s blood-red costume, and one by one seduce and lure the models, and finally the photographer, down to the dungeon where they’re each doomed to suffer a slow and brutally torturous death.

As for me, I play Elisabetta, one of the photoshoot’s fetish models, who also happens to have a striking resemblance to a woman portrayed in one of the castle’s paintings, Lucilla, the Crimson Executioner’s adulteress wife. Lured down to the dungeon with the promise of steamy multi-orgasmic bondage sex with the castle’s hot muscular caretaker, I’m fated, as Lucilla was, to be the Crimson Executioner’s first victim, and like her, to endure a slow and agonizingly torturous death within the torture chamber’s spike-lined Iron Maiden.

Standing here, within the Crimson Executioner’s dungeon torture chamber, the place where he murdered all those women, I imagined that I wasn’t just playing a part in a low-budget indie horror movie. That instead, it’s actually the thirteenth-century, and I’m Lucilla, the Crimson Executioner’s adulteress wife.

To be helplessly strapped within the claustrophobic confines of the torture chamber’s diabolically cruel Iron Maiden, feeling my heartbeat racing as the Crimson Executioner slowly closes the Maiden's heavy spike-lined door. And, as much as I so desperately want to look away, I can’t help but stare at those two impossibly sharp-looking spikes slowly approaching my eyes their tips a blur, as their already far too close to my eyes for me to focus upon. Within moments, the Maiden’s door ominously locks closed. My desperate screams of agony suddenly muffled within the Maiden’s claustrophobic interior, as I’m condemned to endure an agonizingly torturous death impaled upon the Maiden’s unforgiving spikes. A lingering and brutally gruesome affair that’s likely to last several long and obscenely painful days before I finally die.

So really, what’s not to like? A girl can dream of fulfilling one of her darkest fantasies, can’t she?