Her agent had promised her that this would be her big break, no more bondage or torture porn videos shot in some creepy rundown North Hollywood warehouse, no more indie horror films that paid so badly, she still had to strip to cover her rent. This was Macabre Delights, a live streaming horror feed marketed to a select and discriminating audience.

Kristine had to admit, as she walked onto the set, that she could easily get used to this. First-class tickets to Seattle, a limo to a secluded hilltop villa an hour’s drive east of the city, wardrobe that didn’t look like it came from the discount rack, actual makeup artists and hair stylists, even professional catering. Still it was the set that finally convinced her, a diabolically well-equipped medieval dungeon. The walls and floor, actual stone, the torture implements utterly authentic looking with not a single detail overlooked. Even the bondage rigger turned out to be dramatically better than what she was accustomed to. Carefully measuring her wrists, he dug into his case and found a pair of steel manacles that were a perfect fit, snug and unescapable yet just loose enough to prevent loss of circulation in her hands.

As he finished securing my wrists to the overhead chains, “That's perfect, nice and secure, you wouldn’t be getting free of those anytime soon.” Pausing to remove a spray bottle from his case, “Now be a good girl and open wide, it’s just a throat numbing spray, I promise, like most of the women who’ve starred in this show, you’ll appreciate it.”

No stranger to obscenely oversized deep throat insertions I obediently held my mouth open as he sprayed a liberal amount the solution down my throat, I could feel the spray beginning to work numbing my throat to suppress my gag reflex. Putting the spray bottle back in his case the rigger paused to stare at me, I could feel him undressing me with his eyes, lingering over the exposed cleavage of my prominent bosom, although I was a disappointed, and a bit sexually frustrated, when he didn’t reach up to grope my breasts.

Smiling he looked deep into my eyes, “Kristine, I can see why they selected you, your beautiful beyond compare, a fitting choice to star in our tenth anniversary marathon episode. I’ve heard they’ve decided to skip all the preliminary torture and simply put you in the Iron Maiden as the show opens. Did anyone mention that Iron Maiden was special ordered from an infamous creator of diabolical instruments of death, a man known only as the Toymaker. It arrived last year and stood there, unused, in the background for the entire season. I’ve heard the Toymaker guarantees that every test subject survived for at least 48 agonizing hours. They say that some survived for almost 72 brutal hours before they died screaming in agony.”

The rigger could see the look of startled terror in Kristine’s eyes, “I guess no one mentioned that Macabre Delights isn’t really a torture porn show, we’re actually a live snuff show. During our regular season, episodes are typically two to three hours long, each one culminating with the victim’s dramatically gruesome and painfully gory demise. However, at the start of each new season, we commemorate the airing of our first episode by airing a marathon episode, where the victim, chosen for their incredible beauty, spends several days dying in unrelenting agony for our demanding audience’s amusement.”

The rigger smiled at the sudden look of horror in Kristine’s eyes as she opened her mouth to speak and discovered she was mute, “I should have mentioned that spray bottle contained a far stronger numbing agent then typically found in deep throat numbing sprays, this one also numbs your vocal cords. It usually begins to wear off after about four days or so, not that it matters in your case, since none of the Toymaker’s test subjects managed to survive for even three full days within the Iron Maiden. Oh, and while you can’t speak, I promise you’ll still be able to scream...”