Somehow, the dream, or perhaps it’s a nightmare, is always the same...

I’m standing in my study watching the cloud shrouded moon through the window. The grandfather clock in the corner was just beginning to chime the hour when I see the headlights of his car approaching up the drive.

A minute or two later I heard the front door open, then close, followed by the sound of him ascending the stairs. A moment later, he appeared in the study’s doorway. He was ruggedly handsome, his tailored black suit highlighting his muscular build. Then I feel a delightful tinge of fear as I notice he was also wearing black leather gloves.

Struggling to keep my composure, I smiled, “Thank you for being so punctual. I assume you had no difficulty finding the house? As well as the envelope I left for you on the table in the foyer?”

“You’re welcome Deborah, your directions were excitant and I found the envelope just where you said it would be.”

Gesturing toward the wine glasses, I continued, “Would you care for a glass of wine before you begin?”

Smiling he replied, “Thank you but not right now, perhaps in a few minutes.”

Feeling my heart skip a beat, as I watch him approaching, I frowned, “Yes of course, you’re right, waiting a few more minutes would probably be for the best.”

Turning back toward the window, I submissively brought my wrists together behind my back as I watched him approaching in the window’s reflection, pulling that length of rope out of his satchel, I smiled, “Yes, I hope that when you’re finished, you will pause to enjoy a glass or two of wine, the vintage is truly extraordinary.”

Securing Deborah’s wrists tightly, he removed a second length of rope and uses it to draw her elbows back until they meet, secured them as well. With her arms secured, he looped a double length around her slender waist, clinching it painfully tight before passing the ends between her legs, tying them off around the back of the rope encircling her waist. With the crotch rope buried within the soaking wet folds of her sex, he knelt securing Deborah’s knees and then her ankles before helping her down onto the study’s hardwood floor. With Deborah lying on her stomach, he removed the ball gag from his satchel and forced it deep within her mouth before he buckled its leather strap painfully tight.

Standing he paused to look down at his utterly helpless victim before he walked over and sampled one of the glasses of wine, “You’re right, this is a truly extraordinary vintage.” Then setting the glass aside, he knelt and pulled the noose out of his satchel and lowered it over Deborah’s head, the rope ominously settling around her throat as he clinched the noose snug.

With the noose secured around Deborah’s neck, he reached down and lifted her bound ankles toward the back of her thighs. Even he had to admire her flexibility as he drew her high heels backward, first her knees lifting off the floor followed by her hips as her back arched before he passed the end of the noose’s rope between her calves and looping it several times around her ankle rope, tied it off.

Holding her ankles up over Deborah’s waist, he chuckled, “It’s funny, if I’d known just how hot you were, I’d have done you for free.” Still laughing, he released her ankles, and standing, went to retrieve his wine glass, this evening’s entertainment promising to be truly memorable.

I felt my body shifting as he released his grip on my ankles, my hips sinking down onto the floor as the unforgiving noose cruelly lifted my head and shoulders off the floor. I found myself fatally hogtied, trapped with both my upper body and legs suspended helplessly off the floor, with the noose’s painful pressure against my throat already making it harder to breathe.

I struggle against the inevitable but with each passing minute I can feel the noose gradually tightening around my throat. I can also feel that incredibly tight crotch rope grinding against my clitoris in an unexpectedly erotic mix of pleasure and pain.

I know that the moment of my death is fast approaching, the noose is so tight I can barely breathe. The noose is also beginning to restrict the blood flow to my brain. I'm dizzy. My vision is going grey, and I could feel the blood pounding inside my head.

It’s so damn frustrating, the way I’m bound. The friction of that evil crotch rope isn’t enough for me to reach orgasm. I'm simply tied to tight.

Realizing that Deborah has only moments to live, he reaches once again into his satchel and knelt next to her, and grasping the back of her crotch rope, lifts her hip's several inches off the floor. Then switching the wand vibrator on high he slipped it between her thighs.

The sudden addition of that vibrator instantly drives me right over the edge. I climax within seconds with what must be the most powerful orgasm of my life. I’m still in the thralls of orgasmic bliss when I lose consciousness a few minutes later.

Sadly, this always the moment when I awaken, usually in the middle of the night, my body drenched in perspiration, my sexual arousal so intense that I’ll need to change the sheets in the morning. Still, perhaps someday I’ll meet this professional killer. I just hope that in real life, he’s as sexually accommodating. Personally, I’d hate to die such a painful death without that final mind-blowing orgasm...