Well, she’s not so little anymore. It’s been ten years since that werewolf killed and ate Red’s grandmother. Since that fateful night, she’s killed over sixty werewolves. By day, she’s a mild-mannered librarian in one of the valley villages, but every 28 days, on the night of the full moon, Red stalks her viciously dangerous prey in the wooded hills high above the valley, fearless and armed with two pistols loaded with silver bullets.

But, despite her best efforts, the atrocities seem to mount with every passing year. Incidents of young maidens disappearing without a trace, cattle and sheep mutilations steadily increasing with every full moon.

Red knows the rules are changing. The werewolves have started hunting their prey in packs. On last month’s full moon, she almost died. Attacked by four werewolves, she shot the first three, but the fourth one almost managed to disembowel her with its claws before she could shoot him.

More disturbing, they seem to know who she is. Lately, on the twenty-seven days that they hibernate in their caves, their thoughts seem to invade her dreams, intensely hot erotic fantasies of being ravaged by these monstrous creatures. Every orifice of her body used to sate all their darkest sexual desires before they tore her apart to feast upon her dying flesh until nothing of her remains.

Still, Red knew she could never give up, or the werewolves would slaughter the villagers. Every full moon, Red knows what she is, the bait. The one thing these sex-starved werewolves can’t resist is a beautiful nubile young woman whose full, firm breasts, breathtaking cleavage, and tight, heart-shaped ass makes the saliva drip from their fangs.

The problem with being the bait is sooner or later, regardless of how pretty you are. It doesn’t end well for the bait. Perhaps, tonight will be that fateful night she dies...