Diane could see the look of surprise in David’s eyes as he found her standing within his secret basement torture chamber, “You can imagine my surprise when I discovered this room’s concealed entrance, not to mention all these horrifyingly brutal instruments of torturous death. Seriously David, you’ve had this torture chamber all this time and you didn’t think to share it with me? How inconsiderate.”

David was about to respond when he suddenly noticed that I was dressed in a seductively revealing latex outfit.

Smiling I commented, “I see you’ve finally noticed my outfit. I discovered your torture chamber several weeks ago and I’ve been planning my attire and this evening ever since. You have quite the diabolic collection of obscenely torturous horrors to choose from. Honestly, I’ve spent hours down here weighing the options. At first, I thought about the Iron Maiden, horrifyingly brutal but rather cold and impersonal. Next, I considered strangulation, perhaps the gallows noose or the garrote, but both seemed far too quick for my taste. Finally, I decided on the rack, brutal and agonizing torment that can last all night.”

Noticing the sudden look of eager anticipation appearing in David’s eyes, I casually added, “Of course, a girl must have her standards. Tonight, I want to satisfy my darkest masochistic desire, to be helplessly forced to endure overwhelming pain and pleasure simply for your sadistic amusement.”

“So, after you stretch me painfully taut upon this rack, I want you to gag me. Then, upstairs on your desk in the study you’ll find a small jewelry case. Inside you’ll find two small remotes, the larger one controls the oversized vibrator that’s filling me sexually, the other controls the massive vibrating Butt plug that’s uncomfortably straining the depths of my rectum. Also, I’ve laid out a rather intimidating medieval executioner’s costume for you to wear. So, take your time, relax, and get a snack. Honestly, we have all night, and it’s not like I’ll be going anywhere while you’re gone.”

Pausing to seductively smile, I continued, “However, when you return, switch on both of those remotes. Your choice as to their power settings. My only request is every time I have an orgasm, you’ll painfully tighten the rack another notch. Then, assuming I’m still alive in the morning, tie my wrists behind my back and strapping me inside that Iron Maiden, switch both of those vibrators to max and on my next orgasm, close the Iron Maiden and leave me to die, screaming in unspeakable, unrelenting agony.”

“Oh, and after I’m finally dead, there’s a large, galvanized metal tub and a drum of highly corrosive acid out by the back deck. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two at most for the acid to fully dissolve my corpse.”