That night, Kimberly eagerly looked forward to fulfilling all her lover’s erotic latex dreams. She was gagged, with her arms helplessly restrained, black latex gloves, a slave collar, a breathtakingly tight corset, ballet boots, and skin-tight latex tights with a crotch zipper that would expose her vaginally and anally. She knew his wants and desires and fully expected to be taken anally, with just enough lubricant to ensure his enjoyment with no thought to hers. She was masochistically looking forward to the pain. The idea of surrendering herself for her lover’s pleasure, suffering torturous pain for his sexual amusement, has always been Kimberly’s ultimate masochistic dream.

All that ended when, instead of reaching for the whip or the cattle prod, my master chose the sword, a recreation of the classic Roman Gladius, just over two feet of deadly razor-sharp steel.

“I’m sorry, Kimberly, but at thirty-two, you’ve outlived your usefulness as a sex slave. I’ve already purchased a nineteen-year-old German blonde to replace you in my bed. I hope you don’t think of this as a betrayal because I was never in love with you. From the first I owned you, you were nothing more than another submissive sex slave to me.

Brushing his fingertips lightly across Kimberly’s cheek, he brutally thrust the sword into her guts, two feet of razor-sharp steel sliding effortlessly through her corset-compressed abdomen. He smiled, brutally twisting that blade in her guts, “Since you’ve been one of my favorites, I told the servants to wait until you’re dead before dumping your body into the acid. Then, I’ll add your acid-bleached bones to those of the willing slaves that came before you, those already decorating this dungeon.”

Giving the sword one final agonizing twist within my guts before pulling it out, he used the side of my corset to wipe the blood off his blade before returning it to its sheath. As I hung there dying, my blood running down across my latex-sheathed thighs, he turned away without a second glance, leaving me to die.

My final thought as I bled out was, “This is not how I imagined this darkly erotic dream would end.”

Perilous Thoughts, the world where a woman’s most intimately erotic dreams can easily become her darkest nightmares.