Since the early days, back 2003, when I first started using Poser 5, I've relied on Dendras's innovative dungeon torture implements as a source for much of the perilously diabolical torments endured by the lovely damsels portrayed here at Perilous Thoughts.

And from my perspective, central to all those perilous thoughts was the haunting image of a beautiful woman dying helplessly within the spike lined interior of Dendras's Iron Maiden. Ever since watching the movie "Virgin of Nuremburg", on late night television back in my teenage years, the image of the Iron Maiden, in all its diabolical forms, has forever haunted my darkest nightmares.

Sadly, all of Dendras's diabolical implements of torture, including the Iron Maiden, are getting a little out of date. Originally intended for use with Poser 4 they still worked reasonably well in Poser 5 but by the release of Poser 6 their age was beginning to show.

Today, using Poser Pro 2010, extensive post work has to happen to even consider using the Dendras Iron Maiden as a believable background prop in this image. I hope that if Dendras happens to drop by my humble site, he might consider, producing a new generation of diabolical props to imperil all those future damsels in distress.

This shouldn't be the last victim...