“I think I’ve had a good run in the torture-porn industry. However, to make it in this business, you not only have to be beautiful, but you also need to be young. As you get older, and, quite honestly, in this industry, thirty is old, the directors will stop casting you in their productions.”

It was just a few minutes before midnight when Amy stepped up onto that stool, grasping the noose to keep her balance, as she briefly teetered on her six-inch heels, then turned to face the video camera.

“Well, tomorrow would have been my thirtieth birthday, so I thought I’d come down to the studio tonight and record one last peril, just for old time’s sake.”

Slipping the noose over her head, Amy clinched it tight, positioning the hangman’s knot just in front of her right ear. With the noose snug around the neck, she brought her hands together behind her back and locked the remaining restraint tightly around her left wrist.

“They like to say, to succeed in the torture-porn industry, you not only need to be a masochist but also possess a powerful death wish merely to walk out onto that set willingly.”

Pausing, as a faint grin appeared on her face, Amy continued, “I’ve often fantasized about death by hanging, just slow and painful enough to fulfill my masochistic need to suffer. I know that I’ll still struggle against the inevitable, even knowing it’s futile. It’s instinctive, not to mention quite erotic to watch.”

Glancing over at the clock, “Well, in a few seconds, it’s finally going to be midnight. When it is, I’m going to step off this stool, and as the noose tightens around my neck, kick it beyond reach.”

Precisely at Midnight, Amy experienced her darkest erotic fantasy, although it would be another thirty, delightfully entertaining minutes before her last peril would fatally conclude.

It’s ironic, even today, that ‘Amy’s Last Peril’ is still one of the studio’s best-selling productions...