Smiling as he activated the video cameras, Veronica stated, “Everyone in the audience should understate that despite knowing his plans and how this night would most likely end I still came here willingly.”

“Earlier this evening, after he secured my wrists, I felt my heartbeat quicken as he wrapped his collar snuggly around my throat and locked it closed. With his collar locked around my neck, I’m once again his willing and submissively masochistic slave. However, unlike all the previous times that I’ve willingly worn his collar, tonight there are no safe words and no agreed-upon limits. This time I’m his to do with as he pleases in this night of unspeakably torturous debauchery that would likely culminate in my slow and agonizingly painful demise.”

“Tonight, while he’s not using my body to sate all darkly perverted sexual desires, he will brutally torture me for your sadistic amusement. Using a diverse selection of implements that includes a heavy steel tipped bull whip, dozens of long razor-sharp skewers, glowing red hot branding irons, a high-voltage cattle prod, even a large metal ladle filled to the rim with bubbling molten lead. Of course, these are merely a few of the more diabolic implements available for tonight’s delightfully torturous entertainment, just the ones that I suggested.”

“Anyway, after he finally grows tired of using me for his sickly twisted amusement, he’s promised to gut me, carefully cutting me open from my crotch all the way up to the underside of my sternum, spilling my entrails all over the floor. He also promised that if I manage to survive for a full hour after he disembowels me, he'll finish me off by forcing my head back, shoving a funnel into my mouth and pouring an entire ladle of molten lead straight down my throat.”

With a look of eager masochistic anticipation visible within Veronica's eyes, she concluded, “Sounds like a fabulous and delightfully entertaining night of torturous entertainment. Knowing what’s ahead, I can hardly wait to get started...”