Getting up off her knees, the taste of my semen still fresh in her mouth, I could see it in Kylie’s eyes, that look of sarcasm, as I picked up that knife, and from experience, I knew what she was about to say, so I never gave her a chance.

Her ruby red lips were already parting to speak an instant before I stabbed the blade of that knife brutally upward under her ribcage. Ten inches of razor-sharp steel cutting effortlessly through her liver, diaphragm, and fatally deep into her right lung. The sudden, painfully unexpected upward pressure of the knife’s hilt against the underside of her ribcage, lifting the tall six-inch heels of her shoes off the basement floor.

I smiled in evil satisfaction at the look of overwhelming agony in Kylie’s eyes as the hot coppery taste of blood filled her mouth. That first trickle of blood escaping her lips, running down her chin and dripping onto her firm Lycra sheathed breasts, as I twisted that sharp, deadly blade buried deep within her chest.

What started as a slow trickle of blood from the knife wound gradually soaked the front of Kylie’s revealing skin-tight bodysuit. Blood running down her long shapely legs, as I savagely twisted that knife one final time before pulling it out of her dying body.

Robbed of the cruel support from the upward pressure of the knife’s hilt, Kylie slowly sank onto her knees, her tear-filled eyes never leaving mine as she gradually lost consciousness and finished bleeding out.

Checking for a pulse, I confirmed Kylie was dead before releasing her wrists from the restraints and dumping her body into the tank of acid.

Kylie’s final thoughts before the pain overwhelmed her senses, “After I paid you all that money. I even let you cum in my mouth, enthusiastically sucking you dry and swallowing every drop, only so you can do me with a knife? Seriously, for what I paid to star in one of your infamous snuff films, I expected my death to be something a little more obscenely creative...”