Having received a strangely cryptic text from his wife, Jake was confused to discover an old rundown warehouse at the address where she’d asked him to meet her after work. Entering the building, he was surprised to see his wife standing there, wearing nothing but stockings and a pair of high heels, “I asked you here tonight because I found your hidden journal’s several months ago, so I know you’ve darkly fantasized about doing this to me for years.”

Pausing I walked over to a massive, drop cloth covered shape standing behind me and grabbing the edge of the cloth, pulled it off, revealing the darkly ominous shape of an Iron Maiden, “It turns out one of our local museums had this old Iron Maiden sitting in their warehouse since 1947. Discovered after the war, in a secret Gestapo interrogation center outside of Nuremberg, documents found on the site revealed that hundreds of women went to their torturously agonizing deaths within this brutally diabolical instrument of ultimately fatal torture.”

Stepping up onto the Iron Maidens raised metal platform Helen lightly ran her fingertips across it’s smooth metal exterior as she continued, “Of course, being good little German engineers, not to mention Nazi fanatics, they couldn’t leave well enough alone. Instead, they strived for perfection, and it appears that they came very close to succeeding.”

“Ancient inquisition records, found at the site, indicated that it was extremely rare for a woman doomed to die within the crude Iron Maidens of the day, to survive for more than a few torturously unpleasant hours. However, these sadistically clever Nazis succeeded in both greatly extending and enhancing their victim’s almost unspeakable suffering.”

“First, they made the interior as claustrophobic as possible and carefully positioned the straps to make movement of the victim’s body almost impossible. Second, using modern medical knowledge, they gave the spikes a smooth conical shape to seal the wounds they inflicted and positioned them to enhance the victims suffering while minimizing the extent of her internal injuries. Their records indicated that the shortest length of time one of their victims took to die was slightly less than two and half days, with the longest lasting almost three full days.”

Glancing back over my shoulder, I could easily see the look of darkly sadistic anticipation in my husband Jake’s eyes, “You’ll find two leather straps on the table to your left. Use the first strap for my wrists and the second for my elbows.”

Watching as Jake came toward me holding those straps, I stepped down from the Maiden’s raised pedestal and submissively brought my hands together behind my back and smiled, “That’s right lover, I’m more than willing, so why deny yourself a little amusement? Just do me...”