Veronica smiled suggestively as she watched her husband coming down the stairs, “Good evening Robert, I’ve decided that it’s time to fulfill all your darkest sexual fantasies.”

Seeing the worry in his eyes, “Yes, I discovered your hidden journals some time ago and decided to dress the part of your fantasy damsel in distress from your first journal entry. This strapless, breathtakingly tight, black stain merry widow, with authentic seamed silk stockings and matching high heels, I even used the dark eye shadow, red lipstick and matching nail polish from your heroine’s description, although for the sake of easier access, I skipped wearing the thong.”

Smiling coyly as I noticed my husband’s gaze lingering over my freshly shaved crotch and the prominent, quickly growing, bulge in his pants, “I can see that you’ve already taken those male sexual enhancement pills I left for you. They call them Viagra on Steroids, and should allow you to maintain your erection for at least six hours or longer.”

“I’ve also spared no expense in setting the mood for this evening’s entertainment. Using the description from your journal entries, I secretly converted our basement storage room into that candle-lit, completely sound-proof and well-equipped dungeon you so vividly described. And, like in your journal, the cabinet behind you contains a delightful selection of toys to enhance your evening’s amusement, a large bottle of lubricant, an assortment of butt plugs, dildos and a powerful wand vibrator. Of course, if you wish to indulge in darker amusements, you’ll also find an unpleasantly oversized penis gag, several different-sized ball and ring gags, and an assortment of whips, floggers and paddles, as well as a fully charged cattle prod.”

A suggestive come hither look appeared on my face as I concluded, “Tonight, I want you to treat me as that damsel in distress, helplessly bound, and eagerly waiting to be used vaginally, orally, or anally, and for as many times as you want before your erection finally fades. And remember, tonight just like in all those entries in your journals, there are no safe words and absolutely no limits to what you can do to me. So, if you decide it’s time for my evening to end in the same obscenely gruesome way that it did for that first damsel in distress, there’s a hunting knife, one with a ten inch long razor-sharp blade in the cabinet, one I guarantee is more than sharp enough to delightfully disembowel me...”