Itís a dark and stormy night in my dream, just like tonight. And, like tonight, Iím alone on my homeís covered patio when he comes for me. I see his reflection in the glass patio doors, dressed all in black with just his eyes showing, eyes that seem cold and cruel, as he roughly grabs me from behind. Pinning my arms, he holds a rag over my mouth and nose, I try to scream, but all that accomplishes is to pull the chloroform deeper into my lungs, as I quickly lose consciousness.

As the effects of the chloroform slowly wear off, I regain consciousness to discover a large ballgag filling my mouth and that Iím bound tightly spread-eagle upon a wooden Saint Andrews cross with a painfully tight crotch rope between my legs. As my eyes slowly adapt to the chamberís dim overhead lights, I suddenly realize the wooden cross is leaning slightly forward over an ominously terrifying bed of sharp-looking spikes. Desperately I struggle to free myself from the crossís restraints but quickly realize the ropes pinning me to the cross are too strong and tight to escape.

Staring helplessly at those horrifying spikes, I find myself blushing with embarrassment that even in this utterly terrifying moment, Iím growing sexually aroused. The taut rope between my legs pulls the crotch of my thong panties steadily tighter into the impossibly wet, heated folds of my sex. With every breath, that rope painfully rubs against my already throbbing clitoris, only adding cruel stimulation to my growing arousal.

Despite my terrifyingly perilous position, I give into the moment, slowly shifting my hips to grind my crotch against that rope as I feel my orgasm approach. The tightness of my bonds and the ballgag filling my mouth only submissively enhance the masochistically erotic mix of pleasure and pain radiating from my rope-abused crotch as I climax in one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.

As I struggle to catch my breath, Iím appalled to hear someone clapping in the darkness as the chamberís overhead lights slowly grow brighter. Blushing with renewed embarrassment, I realize my abductor has been watching me this whole time. The lights continue to brighten until I see him sitting on a raised throne with a smug look of amusement as he casually fills his wine glass.

Pausing to remove his black face-concealing mask, he takes a sip of wine, ďSo Blair, I bet youíre wondering why I abducted you. Well, tonight, we will share an evening of darkly amusing entertainment. Well, while it promises to be entertaining for me. To you, not so much.Ē

Setting aside his wine glass, he stood and walked over to stand behind the wooden cross, ďWhile youíve already discovered the erotic pleasure and pain that this crotch rope can inflict, youíve failed to realize itís also the rope thatís keeping you from plunging to your death. After passing through your arousal-soaked crotch, this rope passes under the center of this X-shaped wooden cross, goes over a ceiling-mounted pully, and down to the metal hook at the end of this heavy balance beam resting against the chamberís floor. A sizeable wooden bucket hangs on the hook at the far end of the balance beam.Ē

ďIn a moment, I will open the water valve and allow a slow trickle of water to pour into that bucket. It usually takes about ten minutes for enough water to collect in the bucket to begin shifting the balance beamís center of gravity. As that happens, the end of the balance beam attached to your crotch rope will slowly start to rise. As it does, the cross will gradually begin to tilt further forward. Each time it does, the crossís weight will shift slowly from its hinges to the rope between your legs, and your discomfort will increasingly become more painful.Ē

ďOf course, the truly amusing part of the evening usually doesnít occur until about thirty minutes later. Thatís when the balance beam finally rises high enough for the end of your crotch rope to slip off its hook, and you plunge onto the spikes. Oh, and donít expect a quick or easy death. Those spikes are all positioned to maximize your suffering while keeping you alive for as long as possible. Most women seem to last almost an hour before they finally lose enough blood to pass out, with death coming shortly after.Ē

Smiling darkly, he opened the valve just far enough to allow a slow trickle of water to pour into that bucket before returning to his throne and his waiting glass of wine.

As the terrifying minutes passed, I kept looking back at that slowly rising balance beam until I noticed the rope starting to slip toward the end of its hook. Glancing back at my abductor, I could see him leaning forward, an unmistakable look of eager anticipation in his eyes as that rope finally slipped free, and I felt myself falling toward those deadly spikes.

Sadly, this is always the moment when I awaken, the sheets soaked with sweat and my overwhelming arousal. Itís always profoundly disappointing when I realize itís just a dream...