Valerie awoke to discover herself helplessly restrained in what appeared to be a rundown warehouse and that someone had ominously removed her blouse and skirt while she’d been unconscious. She could feel tears threatening to well up in her eyes at her own stupidity, why didn’t I go to the authorities instead of the company president? How could I have been that hopelessly naďve? And what exactly did they mean by “an indentured Resort companion”, what Resort?


At first it didn’t seem all that important, just a shipment or two each month with lost invoices, but then after a few months, Valerie started to notice an alarming pattern. Every three weeks an undocumented cargo flight departed LAX bound for an unknown destination, no manifests, no customs documents, no filed flight plan, nothing. Suspecting someone was using company aircraft to smuggle uninspected goods out of the country and unsure who she could trust Valerie gathered what data she could and made an appointment to meet with the company president after closing time that Friday.

Valerie could see the growing outrage in his eyes as she started to explain all that she’d uncovered to the company’s president, someone had been using his company’s cargo aircraft for black market smuggling with a flight departing every three weeks and it had been going on for at least three years.

Interrupting Valerie’s presentation, the company president pulled out his cell phone, “Hi Mark could you come up to my office. It’s important, seems one of our auditors uncovered a smuggling operation that’s using our company’s aircraft.” Pausing to listen, “Ten minutes, good see you then.”

Seeing the look of concern on Valerie’s face, “I trust Mark implicitly he’s been my head of security since I started this company.”

Once the head of security arrived Valerie repeated her presentation from the beginning, the head of security listening in growing disbelief, “So what you’re saying is that one of our aircraft departs from this airport once every three weeks at approximately 2 AM Saturday morning destination unknown before returning late Sunday night and this has apparently been going on for years.”

Turning to the company president, “Dave, this is incredible, Valerie actually managed to figure all this out simply from discrepancies between our normal shipping paperwork and our daily aircraft departure and arrival logs?”

Turning back to Valerie Dave smiled, “Thank you for bringing all this to our attention Valerie, I see a bright future for you with our company and I think it’s time to reassign you to a position with far greater responsibilities.”

Valerie smiled and was about to thank him when she a sharp stabbing pain in the side of her neck and the world went dark. The last thing she heard as she lost consciousness, “Let’s add Valerie to the manifest for tomorrow morning’s flight out to the Resort.”

Pulling out his tablet, the head of security looked up at his boss, “Status?”

Smiling darkly he replied, “Let’s reassign Valerie as an indentured Resort companion, indentured for life...”