“And this fiendishly brutal instrument of torturous death is the Judas Cradle that once graced the Inquisition’s dungeons right here in Barcelona. It’s said that well over a thousand women confessed while seated upon the cradle with over one hundred women executed upon it.”

Samantha smiled, “Interesting, so how exactly was it used for executions?”

“The victim would be stripped naked, with her wrist bound tightly together behind her back. They would crank the shaft down until the woman was able to straddle the tip with its point pressing upward into either her vagina or rectum. Holding the victim steady they’d crank the cradle upward until the tip forced its victim up onto her toes and then bind her ankles together behind the shaft before cranking the shaft all the way up leaving the victim helplessly suspended high in the air.”

The tour guide suddenly paused in surprise as he watched Samantha reach up and lightly caress the Judas Cradle’s smooth metal tip with her fingertips.

“Victims would instinctively try to grip the cradle’s tip between their inner thighs in a desperate futile attempt to keep it from slipping deeper into their bodies. Eventually, despite the victim’s struggles, their own weight would force the cradles tip to slowly slip deeper, stretching the violated orifice wider and wider until finally the victim’s flesh would begin to tear. The end would come quickly, the cradle’s tip slipping upward through the woman’s guts until it ruptured her diaphragm and entered her chest. Then, no longer able to breathe the victim suffocates and dies within minutes.”

The tour guide noticed the excitement in Samantha’s voice as she asked, “How long did it usually take for them to die?”

“Most women lasted about a day and a half however executioners often quicken their victim’s deaths by hanging weights from their ankles.” Pausing for a moment he concluded, “And if there are no more questions, I would like to thank you for your time and interest, this concludes the museum tour.”

Noticing Samantha lingering by the Judas Cradle the tour guide walked over, “Excuse me Miss the museum is closing in a few minutes but I couldn’t help noticing your fascination with our Judas Cradle exhibit, perhaps if you’re interested I might give you a more intimate tour of the museum’s exhibits once we’ve closed.”

Smiling Samantha replied, “That would be lovely and please it’s not Miss but Samantha or if you like Sam.”

Smiling the tour guide replied, “Be at the west entrance of the museum at 6:15 tonight, this is the last tour on Friday and the museum will be closed until Monday afternoon, I promise you a tour that will last a lifetime.”

I still remember unlocking the west entrance and that look of erotic excitement on Samantha’s face as she quickly dashed inside, “The Judas Cradle, please can we start the tour there, please?” Then racing ahead of me she was off, her high heels clicking on the museum’s stone floors even as I closed and lock the entrance.

Following in her wake I found her standing next to the Judas Cradle, her cloths lying in a jumbled heap in the corner, Samantha standing next to the Judas Cradle wearing nothing but her high heels. Submissively turning and crossing her wrists behind her back Samantha whispered, “Please.”

I cranked the tip of the Judas Cradle low enough that Samantha could easily mount the shaft, its deadly pointed tip nestled within the moist aroused folds of her sex before slowly cranking it upward until even the tall heels of her shoes lifted off the museum’s floor and she was forced stand balanced upon the wooden cross member of the cradles base.

Finally the moment came, as I knelt down behind Samantha and forced her high heel clad feet back until she was standing precariously with the merest parts of her shoes balanced on the rear base support of the cradle as I tightly bound her ankles. This was when the moment of truth had finally arrived, the moment where she needed to decide if she desired to experience mere torture or experience a torturous death. Standing, I noticed Samantha was already rocking her hips frantically against the invading tip of the Judas Cradle her voice desperate, “Please, in my purse, a gag. Use it to gag me and then raise me up before I manage to climax. I want unrelenting pain until I die, with pleasure forever denied.”

Seeing the look of erotic desperation is Samantha’s pretty eyes I did as she requested and stuffed the oversized ball gag into her mouth. Still, I couldn’t make myself leave her to die alone so I stayed to watch her struggling against the inevitable, the desperate sound of Samantha’s screams as she gradually sank deeper and deeper unto the cradle’s deadly unforgiving shaft.

Even today, I still remember the look on Samantha’s exhausted but still pretty face early Sunday afternoon as her cervical muscles finally ripped apart and she suddenly felt herself sinking helplessly downward onto the Cradle’s shaft. I rushed over to ask if she wanted me to remove her gag but with her diaphragm ruptured she couldn’t breathe let alone reply. Still, I stayed and held her until her eyes lost focus and her heart finally stopped.

Anyway, the full unedited video of Samantha’s torturously untimely death is now available through the PerilousResorts.com website...