Taylor smiled seductively as her husband came down the stairs into the basement. Noticing the noose already securely encircling my neck, she could see the look of surprise in his eyes.

“Good evening, darling. I hope you’re truly ready to play, this time for keeps. After all our shared sexual fantasies, I have no illusions about why you mounted this electric hoist on the basement ceiling directly above the floor drain.”

“I know when dressed like this. You prefer I spend the evening on my knees with my wristed securely locked behind my back, happily servicing your cock with my mouth until your Viagra enhanced erection finally wears off in four or five hours. An evening with your cock, buried tonsils deep within my mouth so that every time you feel your next orgasm approaching, you can drive your cock deep into my throat, the hot sensation of your cum erupting straight down into my stomach.”

“However, appealing as an evening of forced deep throating has become, tonight I’ve decided I was in the mood for something different, something a bit more sinister, something far more fatal. Tonight I’ve decided that I’m going to give you the chance to snuff me.”

“So, after I’ve finished my glass of wine, secure my wrists behind my back and press the up button. From what I understand, once the toes of my high heels lift off the floor, I should have about thirty torturously delightful minutes to struggle against the inevitable before the noose tightens enough to kill me.”

“One might even say that I’m in the mood to die fulfilling your darkest erotic fantasy. Tonight, it’s all for you. After all, I’m the one in this impossibly tight, cleavage-revealing corset with that noose already clinched snuggly around my pretty little neck.”

“This is your chance, darling. Whatever you decide, I want to make this your night...”