In the heat of the night when you know it ainít right, but you do what you wanna do, you do what you feel Ďcause no one can feel, like you... Pat Benatar

Provocatively perched on the window seat, a half-empty glass of wine in my hand, I watched as you approach. I know you could see that look of eager anticipation in my lovely eyes, as you take the half-full glass of wine from my hand and place it on the window seat. You lean forward to meet my sensuous ruby-red lips, my lips parting as I lean into your kiss. The feel of my pierced nipples pressing insistently against the rock-hard muscles of your chest as you pull me close.

As our lingering kiss finally ends, I gaze up into your eyes, a suggestive smile appearing on my face as I unfolded my long legs and wrapped them around your waist, my ankles crossing behind the small of your back. In that moment, Iím yours completely, to do with as you desire, or in this case to do what we both desperately desire. Still smiling, I give you a faint nod.

Even with my teeth clinched, a faint cry of overwhelming agony escapes my lips, as that hunting knife, itís razor-sharp tip already poised within my navel, slips hilt deep into my guts in a single thrust. In that timeless moment, I knew that look of desire on my face had been replaced by a look of horror and in my eyeís a look of unimagined agony, still with that cold steel blade buried within my guts, I manage to whisper, ďPlease.Ē

Staring up into your eyes, I see any lingering doubts or hesitations vanish, as you viciously twist that cold steel blade within my guts. I canít scream. I canít even cry out. The pain is all consuming as I feel that sharp blade cutting through my insides. Still, you donít falter. Instead, you sadistically revel in my agony, viciously twisting that blade back and forth within my guts as I painfully die for your amusement.

This is always the moment when I awaken, the agonizing torment of this delightfully horrific nightmare still vivid in my mind...