As she stared out into the rain swept darkness Kim felt a sudden ominous chill of terror tightly gripping her heart. She’d thought she was alone, but she wasn’t...

Before she could react, Kim was brutally shoved up against the glass, the sudden unexpected impact forcing the air from her lungs even as her assailant roughly turned her to face him, his leather gloved hand closing to crush her throat in an unbreakable vice like grip that turned her scream of terror into little more than a choked whimper.

Struggling to breathe Kim quickly found her assailant’s unbreakable grip on her throat forcing her up onto her toes, the tall slender heels on her shoes rising from the floor as he brought his knife up before her terror filled eyes. Unable to look away Kim stared in horror as the knife’s long sharp blade slowly moved down across her breasts and belly until its razor-sharp tip dimpled the skin just above her navel.

The overwhelming explosion of pain, the revolting look of cruel satisfaction in his eyes, as he made me cry out in desperate agony as, he slowly sheathed his blade deep within my guts. The indescribably sickening sensation as that cold steel blade effortlessly ran me through. It’s impossibly sharp tip scraping against the window’s glass behind me as the blade’s hilt pressed firmly against my obscenely violated belly.

The agonizing pain radiating from the blade in my guts was all consuming, more agonizing than anything I’d ever imagined enduring. And yet, my killer was far from finished. Sensing that I was quickly growing weaker he tightened his grip on my throat to keep me up on my toes as he savagely twisted the knife deep within my guts. The blade ripped my insides apart turning the slow trickle of blood leaking from the wounds in my belly and back into a sudden torrent.

I could feel my knees buckling, my body quickly starting to grow colder as he cruelly continued to twist that deadly blade in my guts as I slowly slipped downward onto my knees, my blood leaving an obscene smear of red wetness on the window’s glass. Looking up I could see the sadistic satisfaction in my killer’s eyes as he savagely twisted his blade one final time before pulling the knife out of my belly, and using my lace covered breasts, wiped my blood from his blade.

Releasing his hold on my badly bruised throat, he watched as I gradually slid down the wall to collapse onto my side in a large and steadily growing pool of my own blood. My vision was quickly going grey as I drew what I instinctively knew would be my final breath and managed a faint smile as I whispered, “Thank you.”

...Turning away from the glass, I realized that I was still alone. And, that I’d only imagined someone with darkly evil intentions was standing behind me with a knife. Reality can be so profoundly disappointing at times...