The curator was surprised by the note from one of his assistants, asking to meet after hours in the museum’s exhibit of medieval torture.

Gretchen smiled seductively, seeing the look of surprise on the curator’s face upon finding her, dressed in a revealing white bodysuit and high heels, standing next to the exhibit’s ominous-looking iron maiden.

“Go ahead. Would you please put me in the iron maiden. I know you want to.”

Sensing his confusion, “Do you want to know my darkest erotic secret? From the first moment I saw this iron maiden, I knew that I wanted this. I’ve already taken the liberty of handcuffing my wrists behind my back. Just strap me helplessly inside the iron maiden and close its door.”

Seeing his lingering look of indecision, “Do you seriously think you’ll ever get another woman to make you an offer like this? And yes, I know all the legends. Death in the iron maiden isn’t a quick or easy way to die. That death only comes after days of almost unimaginable torment. Nevertheless, I’m more than willing to die within the iron maiden, screaming in unrelenting agony, simply for your amusement.”

Sensing his indecision changing to evil anticipation, Gretchen added, “So, what do you say?”

Unexpectedly, the museum’s exhibit of medieval torture was closed the following morning and remained closed to the public for the next three days. It took Gretchen almost that long to finish dying. Her tightly bound body brutally impaled upon the iron maiden’s torturously agonizing spikes as she slowly bled to death...