As a journalism major, interning at a small West Virginia newspaper, Jessica knew if she wanted big-city newspapers to notice her, she needed something sensational, a story so shocking they couldn’t help but notice her. Then one Friday night, while out at a bar with as few coworkers, she’d overheard something that might be worth investigating.

The next day, digging through the paper’s archives, I found several stories written after a series of disappearances that occurred about twenty years ago. Over a period of about twelve months, fourteen women mysteriously vanished. However, even though the police had suspicions, they were never able to find any evidence of foul play. The women’s only commonality, all were in their early twenties and pretty.

During the time, several of the local factories closed, so most believed these women simply left seeking greener pastures. However, there were also darkly whispered rumors, rumors concerning a place of unspeakable evil, a farm deep in the woods a few miles out of town, a place that used to be known on Halloween, as the House of Screams, a local haunted house attraction.

Using those fourteen disappearances as a starting point, I went online and widened my search to include all unexplained disappearances of young women in their twenties in West Virginia and the surrounding states. The search returned several hundred matches. Grabbing a road map, I started marking the locations and dates of each disappearance, when I finished the results were startling, except for a few dozen cases, the rest occurred within a hundred-mile radius of where I was sitting. And ominously, these unexplained disappearances were still occurring, twenty-three cases already this year and its only May.

During my investigations, I came across the obituary for the farmer who ran the House of Screams Halloween attraction. He died a year after the local disappearances and the farm and the House of Screams both ceased operations. The farm, still held in trust for his adult children, all who’ve long since moved out of the area. First thing tomorrow morning, I’m driving out there to explore that old farm.

My phone’s GPS made finding the farm easy. However, the access road was another matter. If not for my old Jeep I never would have made it through the mud and brush to reach the farm.

The farm was showing the ravages that came after twenty years of neglect. The roof of the barn had collapsed, and most of the rest of the outbuildings lied in ruins, only the old farmhouse appeared safe enough to enter.

Walking from room to room it was obvious that the house was long abandoned. Stripped of furniture, the floors covered with a thick coating of dust, with faded wallpaper pealing from the walls. The last thing I remember was being in the kitchen and the creak of the hinges as I opened the door to the basement then everything went black.

I woke up like this, alone and helplessly chained to this wall. My cutoff shorts, hiking boots and socks gone, with the zipper of my white sleeveless bodysuit fully opened. Ominously, unlike most of the basement's contents, a pile of rotting cardboard boxes and an ancient child’s bicycle rusting away in the corner, the small tables surrounding me are pristine, and like the restraints pinning me against the basement wall, their terrifying contents polished and lacking even the slightest hint of dirt or rust.

So, one moment I was alone starting to shiver in the basement's damp cool air, the next I wasn’t alone or for that matter, cold. He magically appeared out of thin air. He towered above me, at least seven feet tall, every inch of his reddish rock-hard looking body covered in indecipherable tattoos with two large horns protruding from his bald scalp. He was naked, his flaccid cock obscenely thick and more than two feet long, unable to look away I felt my heartbeat quicken as I tried to imagine how big he’d be sporting an erection. His body almost seemed to glow. The sudden sensation of perspiration soaking my bodysuit, as the heat radiating from his naked body made me feel like I was standing dangerously close to a raging, out of control, bonfire.

Despite my shock, or perhaps due to it, I uttered, “What the Hell?”

Smiling darkly, Jessica’s demonic looking abductor replied, “What the Hell indeed. Normally, I’d have to go forth seeking worthy prey. You are the first to willingly seek out the portal to my domain.”

Pausing to wave his hand almost negligently, Jessica was shocked when her already revealing bodysuit simply vanish, he continued, “I have many names, but my favorite is still Melchiresa, the ancient Hebrews actually mentioned me several times in the Dead Sea Scrolls, but for the moment, you could simply address me as Mel.”

Feeling a surprisingly delightful sense of fear at the sight of Mel’s intimidating cock slowly growing erect, “So Mel, what’s the plan for this evening? Are you going to fuck me to death, or is this going to end up being something far less torturous?”

Smiling darkly, “While, the whole fucking you to death sounds inviting, I think we’ll skip it just this once, and go with a long night of agonizing mutilation and death. After all, here in the mortal realm, you’d barely have time to scream if I decided to fuck you to death. Now what fun would that be?”

Enjoying the look of horror in Jessica’s eyes, Melchiresa picked up a heavy steel cudgel and swinging twice, shattered both of Jessica’s kneecaps. Then, ignoring her high-pitched screams, used a pair of clippers to remove her fingers, one joint at a time...


Jessica survived for almost sixteen hours before her horrifically mutilated body convulsed in agony one final time as she died. Staring at her barely recognizable corpse, Melchiresa watched Jessica’s mortal remains fading away until she completely vanished. Within moments, the tables with their bloody instruments of torture, along with the wall mount restrains vanished as well.

Standing alone, in the once again empty basement, Melchiresa smiled as he silently gave thanks to that farmer for creating the portal all those years ago. Then, opening the portal the demon lord Melchiresa stepped though, returning to his palace high above the lakes of fire, where Jessica, the newest addition to his harem, awaits his pleasure...