He found Rebecca waiting for him upstairs in the loft, a glass of wine in one hand, with the restraints already dangling suggestively from her other wrist.

Smiling, I greeted him, “So darling, what’s on your kinky, perverted plan for this evening? I noticed that you’ve brought out that headsman’s sword, so I’m assuming we’re going to start the evening with some head games. It’s nice of you to remember that they’re some of my darkest erotic fantasies. If I could suggest one of my favorites, ‘Giving incredible head or losing my head,’ I’ve always loved how it ends. The lingering taste of your cum as I submissively lean forward, closing my eyes as you pick up that razor-sharp sword. The feel of cold steel against my neck as you align the blade for its killing stroke. In my mind, I can see you raising that sword high, the powerful muscles of your back and arms bulging as you prepare to decapitate me in a single brutally painful stroke.”

“Of course, in the hundreds of times we’ve played head games, I’ve always managed to satisfy all your darkest perverted oral desires and kept my head attached to my shoulders. I hope you remembered to take that little blue pill on the way home. I’d hate to risk losing my head before having the chance to spend the evening pleasuring you with my mouth and throat. I love that those blue pills keep you hard for hours and how much you enjoy those multiple orgasms as I hold you in my mouth, swallowing every drop of cum until I’ve sated all your oral sex desires.”

“It’s always a bit disappointing to hear you set aside that sword, but only briefly as you roughly pull aside my arousal-soaked thong and drive your still erect cock, balls deep into the tight, heated depths of my sex in a single brutal thrust. I love the sharp cry of pain that escapes my lips as the bulging head of your cock slams upward against my cervix, only fueling your sadistic need to hurt me as you savagely continue to fuck me.”

“I know that in the morning, I’ll be so sore that I’ll barely be able to walk, but I don’t care, as the overwhelming mixture of pleasure and pain quickly drives me toward my first masochistic-fueled orgasm of the evening. One powerful orgasm follows another as he continues to mercilessly fuck me until I feel his hands tighten on my hips as he orgasms deep inside me. I climax an instant later as I feel his seed pumping into me.”

“Honestly, there’s only one head games fantasy I’ve never shared with him. It’s my darkest erotic fantasy of necrophilia. After beheading me, he still uses my lifeless body to satisfy all his sickest sexual desires and mine...”